Lesson 5 Aspects between Planets

Revised and copyrighted by Robert Hitt 10/6/2000

Now we can deal with the ASPECTS which are angles between planets. The angular relationship between 2 planets determines how easy or hard it is for the 2 actors in the play of inner life to work together. THIS IS the most important principle we will work with as far as effects to stock market behavior. Planets make these angles to each other in regular cycles and the exact time they will be at specific angles to each other is easily known in advance. Believe me, when certain planets line up at specific angles to each other the markets react to it. On a personal level all of us have inner conflict and harmony which these aspects delineate. The understanding of aspects is in fact the "meat" of astrological knowledge which means that it is an area of study that needs the most effort to grasp.

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