Lesson 4 Planets in Zodiac Signs

Revised and copyrighted by Robert Hitt 10/6/2000

Now that we know that each planet has its own quality we can begin to delve into how each zodiac position colors the planets ROLE. As we saw in lesson 2 the Zodiac signs are really sections of space with stars in them. I don't know and don't care if the qualities of the signs are directly related to the stars themselves or to some other mechanism. All I know for sure is these 30 degree sections of space we call the Zodiac do color the planets in certain "hues" as far as the energy of the planet is as expressed in it's role in the dance of inner life.

You really should take the time to memorize the symbols for each sign. Your mind will remember the symbols if you DRAW them. C'mon It's FUN.

Now that we have a basic idea what the planets mean we can start interpreting what a planet located in a sign would mean. It is a little like chemistry. For example a Sun (point of view) in the sign of Virgo (analysis) would cause that person to look at the world as a problem to be solved. A Mercury (rational mind) position in Scorpio (secrecy) would make a person want to solve mysteries. A Venus (love) position in Sagittarius (adventure) would incline a person to want to travel. A Moon (subconscious) position in Libra (partnerships) would incline a person to want and need companionship. A Mars (aggressiveness) position in Capricorn (Ambition) would incline a person to work very hard to achieve goals.

There are certain KEY WORDS which help unlock the meaning behind each sign and what role a planet might play when located there. .

Aries Initiative, Activity, Enterprise I AM

Taurus Values, Determination, Practicality I HAVE

Gemini Versatility, Mentality, Versatility I THINK

Cancer Domesticity, Sensitivity, Tenacity I FEEL

Leo Vitality, Power, Authority I WILL

Virgo Discrimination, Analysis, Practicality I ANALYZE

Libra Companionship, Balance, Harmony I BALANCE

Scorpio Regeneration, Resourcefulness, Secrecy. I DESIRE

Sagittarius Aspiration, Love of freedom, Exploration I PERCEIVE

Capricorn Ambition, Conservatism, Organization I USE

Aquarius Humanitarianism, Independence, Originality I KNOW

Pisces. Compassion, Renunciation, Universality I BELIEVE

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