Lesson 11 Midpoint combinations

Midpoint combinations are not like aspects in that they are not based on a specific angular relationship between planets. Midpoint combinations, as I use them, involve 3 or more planets. For trading purposes I only use DIRECT contact when a planet passes over the exact midpoint between tow planets or to the point opposite the midpoint of two planets in the zodiac. I know some astrologers use aspects (such as squares) to midpoints between two planets but that complicates things way too much to be useful in trading.

The most powerful kinds of midpoint combinations are ALSO complex aspect patterns such as the GRAND TRINE, the YOD and the T SQUARE.

Those rare times when many planets have one planet in focus by multiple midpoint relationships should be considered a key time to pay attention. A great example of one planet being at a midpoint of many was July of 1996 when 6 planets were all focused on Saturn. The market suffered greatly just after this date.

Another example of a powerful midpoint combination is on July 23 1998 when a New Moon, Neptune opposition will be the focus of Jupiter / Pluto and Mercury / Venus. This is a tremendously powerful combination that clearly focuses on Neptune's proclivity to be delusional as well as inspired. In the context of the stock market this should translate into active dip buying without discrimination. I would have to assume this is maximum mania that will be a potential opportunity to sell. As things turned out that is exactly what happened because the market sank to an extreme only a few weeks later.

Midpoint combinations happen every day because the Moon moves very fast and makes many combinations. Not all of them are significant enough to be worth mentioning or keeping track of. I try to keep up with the important long term midpoint combinations involving the outer planets as much as possible. The most important midpoint combination I have found to date is the Uranus = Saturn / Pluto that was exact in 1776, 1852, 1929, and 1997. This combination was exact on April 14 1997 on a significant market low. Without a great deal of market stimulation from high places a retracement rally out of this 4/14 low would almost certainly have resulted in a 1929 style market crash in May of 1997. I believe that "market protectors" got wind of the emerging danger of the technical pattern and negated the immediate danger by pushing through a balanced budget deal just in the nick of time. This put all sellers on hold until the legislation became law in August 1997. The manipulation of the market to boost it above the danger level DID result in a wild speculative summer rally in the US that eventually contributed to the Asian markets collapse in the fall of 1997. It is no coincidence that the very day the balanced budget deal became law in August the high before the October mini crash occurred. Man has proven he can distort the long term astro cycles but he can not completely escape them. The Asian markets are still to this day dealing with the deflationary consequences of the market manipulation that occurred in late April of 1997 which may eventually result in a more severe problem than if the market had been allowed to correct at a natural cycle period back in April and May of 1997.

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