Intraday Example of the earths rotation during trading on 9111997

Below is a visual example of how the Earth's rotation brings the planetary energies into specific focus at the location I that prefer to use for market timing which is the CME Spoos pit in Chicago.

We start out our example day 9/11/1997 with the Sun above at the far left angle which is the ascendant. This is sunrise in Chicago which occurs at 7:35 AM EDT. As the earth rotates the planets slowly move around the circle with each planet coming in contact with the cardinal angles which are the BOLD dividing lines on the chart. Every planet comes in contact with all 4 angles during a full 24 hour rotation of the earth. What we are concerned for our purpose are the hits to angles that occur during trading hours. The snapshot of the planets on the open of trading gives us the character of the day at 9:30 AM EDT which has a tendency to play out all day. If a planet is on an angle at the moment trading begins it is a featured throughout the day and has special significance.

After 35 minutes of trading on this day Saturn moves to the far right angle, the descendant, which brings a Yod (you should know that one now) aspect pattern into clear focus. This is likely to be a turning point. If prices have not reached a support or resistance zone at this exact moment it is likley to occur near this time. It is very rare that such a complex aspect pattern is so clearly defined on an intraday astrology chart.

Later in the day Saturn moves to the Nadir position at 3:35 PM EST as the earth rotates. This is another "moment of truth" for the market which will probably represent another turn in prices.

These times are particularly useful when combined with a very sensitive technical trading method which allows a trader to "fade" any movement that cannot be sustained. Pay particular attention to support and resistance levels around these intraday hit times.

Hopefully the sequence of these 4 graphs will make it easier for you to understand how the earth's rotation brings specific planets and aspect patterns into focus at a particular location.

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