First the HARD aspects

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The hard aspects are derived by dividing the circle by 2 or 4. The actual angles of these hard aspects are: 0 degrees which is the conjunction. 90 degrees which is the separating square 180 degrees which is the opposition. 270 degrees which is the applying square

Most computer generated astrology charts have a center area where the aspects between planets are color coded. In the Clinton birth chart you can see the RED line between Sun and Moon is a square aspect.

The hard aspects come in "flavors" and have differing effects depending on the angle.

The 90 degree and the 270 degree SQUARES are the most difficult of the hard aspects. The stress between the "actors" in the map reflects an inability of the 2 planets to work together without a constant conscious effort. This stress orientated relationship causes a repeating mistake. The mistake is often a blindside error and is most likely internal rather than caused by an outside event or person. The 180 degree OPPOSITION is also a stress aspect but not to as great a degree as the square. An opposition between compatible planets can actually be not to bad an aspect. For instance Mars and Jupiter are not a bad combination as long as the impulsiveness of Mars does not push Jupiter's luck. Conscious effort produces better results with oppositions than with squares. negative effects of an opposition tend to work out through other people. An example is a Mercury opposition to Mars which creates an very argumentative person.

The 0 degree CONJUNCTION is a blending of the two planets into one lump. If the planets are compatible this is not a problem. If the planets are not compatible this can be every bit as stressful as a square. For instance Mars and Saturn in conjunction is not a great combination. Either Mars or Saturn will debilitate the other depending on the sign and setting the conjunction is in. Either cruelness or a lack of strength is indicated. Venus and the Moon are very compatible and do not present much problem since they are at least somewhat complementary. By itself Venus Moon conjunctions would tend to be clingy and sentimental but would not be expressed as a negative in most people. Conscious effort is still required to use the energy of a conjunction properly.

Now the SOFT aspects.

This aspect series is arrived at by dividing the circle by 3 or 6.

In some combinations a 0 degree conjunction can be considered a soft aspect

60 degrees is called a Sextile

120 degrees is called a Trine

Soft aspects are VERY significant in an individual persons horoscope because they indicate where natural talent is located. For instance a soft aspect between the Sun and Jupiter in a natal chart indicates a person who has an honest and generous attitude which tends to bring them good luck. Astrologers who believe in past lives say that soft aspects indicate good karma or talents developed before this life. In the case of a Sun Jupiter soft aspect a person's past life deeds warrants good luck in this present life.

Soft aspects seem to have less consistent application market movement in that they don't tend to make the majority of traders goof up and take the wrong side of a trend. Especially when soft aspects are linked together an up trending market is common. For instance in an up trending market supported by soft aspect bulls tend to stand pat from inertia and the bears who are smart wait patiently for a more obvious opportunity to sell. Soft aspects tend to create INERTIA and STABILITY.

The SEXTILE is a 60 degree angle from one planet to another. This seems to be the best of the soft aspects because there is an assist without an extreme amount of inertia as is often seen with the trine.

Compatible planets in sextile are more positive that the sum of the two when taken separately. Even "negative" planets can work together in a sextile to produce positive results. For instance a Mars Saturn sextile tend to make a person able to work to an extreme without any fatigue.

The TRINE is a 120 degree angle between planets that could be considered to be too much of a good thing. This aspect lacks the vitality needed to make the most of the two planets. Maybe we could consider a trine prone to making the actors in the play of inner life talented but lazy bums. Hey everyone needs a trine or two to balance stress but in some cases too many can make a person prone to seek the easy way out. I have seen many a non violent criminal with an excess of trines.

The market seems to want to change trends on hard aspects and rarely does so on trines. I have seen some big moves on days when too many trines are present lead to an extreme high or low AFTER usually just before a market turning square takes charge. It is as if whatever is occurring as the trine aspect becomes exact becomes ingrained in the pattern and it can make for a fragile situation as it separates and the stress aspect comes along to disrupt the peace. Trines are a continuation and not a turning point indication.

In this example chart you can see the lines indicating a Square Sextile and Trine on a chart. In recap squares are interference patterns between the planets. oppositions are not as stressful and can in some cases work positively. Sextiles are ease of energy flow between the planets and trines are inertia.

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