Each planet has a meaning and a principle behind it The planets represent different inner functions or internal organs of the spiritual human Of any concept that you can know this is the most important

The Sun is the ego, point of view, the will to be.

The Moon is the subconscious, the mood, a gut feeling. The moon reflects the Sun and has to do with self image.

Mercury is the rational mind. Communication. The thinking and talking process.

Venus is higher emotions as opposed to more subconscious feelings. It is a person's attractiveness.

Mars is the aggressiveness, courage, or ability to act.

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Jupiter is the principle of wisdom and indulgence. Saturn is caution, planning and fear. Uranus is the intuition and higher mental facilities. Neptune is the principle of empathy and delusive beliefs. Pluto is regeneration and sexual functions.

It is only necessary at this time to get a general idea of the planets meanings. There are many texts available with very detailed discussion of each planet for further study. Suffice to say after almost 30 years I still learn about the nature of each planets every day. For our purposes at the moment it is only necessary to have a basic consept that each planet has individual qualities and to know in general terms what they are.

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