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Revised and copyrighted by Robert Hitt 10/6/2000

Welcome to basic training. In the last few years publishing AstroEcon I have had some difficulty getting some important points across because YOU the reader don't have a clue as to what I am talking about. This basic training course is being seriously upgraded as of October 2000. What was a good course is going to be a GREAT one. I hope to produce a companion CD ROM version of these lessons with even more graphics including animations of planetary movements which will bring the story alive. This project will be completed in the months ahead. Revised lessons will be noted by a new copyright date as they are released.

The first thing necessary for anyone to learn about the subject is to know what a horoscope is. Most layman don't have a clue and think of astrology as the 12 signs of the zodiac column in the daily new paper. Astrology is far from that. No wonder 90% of the public thinks astrologers are practicing a form of voodoo. In fact astrology is as complex in some ways as medicine or nuclear physics and is not easy to learn quickly. Hundreds of factors are present in an individual horoscope map. Every single symbol and number on the circle has rich meaning which will be lost on anyone not at least knowing something about what the parts represent. The goal of these lessons is NOT to take you engage you in graduate degree course in astrology but to make it possible for you to read astrological material, communicate with an astrologer, and to be able to make your own judgment as to how to apply what you have been able to learn in your life and trading. Learning enough to satisfy this basic level of knowledge is NOT DIFFICULT but it does take effort. In fact it is something everyone needs to know so it may as well be now. Hopefully one day soon, after unfounded prejudice is eradicated by understanding, learning basic astrology will be part of a normal person's education.

Benefits of learning basic astrology include: Avoiding repetitive personal mistakes. Resolving guilt over past mistakes.

Knowing that a tough time in your life is happening for a good reason and has a beginning and an end.

Removing prejudice about others who are made up of the same ingredients as yourself even if they are arranged differently.

Being able to learn from history.

Improving relationships with spouses and children.

Last and not least is AVOIDING DANGEROUS TIMES for investment and other decision making.

Here is an example of what a horoscope map really looks like. BILL CLINTON. Confused? Don't worry about it. You wont be soon.

A thorough knowledge of what is on that circular map is the first step we will take in the first 5 lessons. The early lessons will include delving into what each planet represents and what we should expect when it is featured in the sky. The planets position in the field of stars relative to the earth is called the planets Zodiac sign. think of this as the "color" of the energy that reaches the inhabitants of mother earth. This zodiac position in the solar system is the ROLE that each planet acts out within the dance of life in the horoscope. A planet's relationship relative to the spinning of the earth every 24 hours is related to the house position, or department of life the, which is the setting of the role played. The geometric angles that each planet has to the other planets is the RELATIONSHIP between the actors in the horoscope. everyone is made of the same "stuff" Everyone also is 100% unique. No one else has your exact horoscope. In fact the horoscope is a MAP of your universe. without being able to meet read the map you are in fact lost in this universe.

GOAL # ONE is to have a basic understanding of your own horoscope map. After that is accomplished the principles come alive and can be more easily applied to trading or other uses. Lessons 6 through 11 will apply more to trading and decision making.

Beginner series.

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