Am Update Monday 1252000

Yesterday was a day when almost anyone who was paying attention could feel the astro. The tension from the night before on the first quarter moon reached a crescendo early before trading even started at the time the news item everyone was waiting for was delayed (court action favoring Bush). The announcement was postponed from early morning until 2 PM almost exactly at the time of the Sun Pluto conjunction at 9:03 AM 12/4. That left many traders (including myself) in a vulnerable position. I felt like I was twisting in the breeze at the whim of some dangerous and chaotic element ready to spring out of nowhere. It truly was a sense of immanent danger and being overly exposed to it. As the morning wore on and the Dow began to establish a solid uptrend while Nasdaq refused to buckle into a complete breakdown the tension level slowly began to ease. The discomfort level remained relatively high even though the US Supreme court appeared to rule slightly in favor of Bush at noon. Right after the US supreme court ruling the announcement that Florida Judge Sauls ruling would be delayed again raised the heat level even further.

The Sun Pluto conjunction was in the early morning. As this intense aspect separated during the day a Venus trine to Saturn (due at 10:55 PM) was slowly becoming exact. Venus and Saturn in trine is a calm contained sense of emotional balance to some and a sense of emotional containment to others. The inflection point where there was a definite changeover was 4:45 PM on the announcement from Florida that Gore's case had been trashed to the point of permanent damage. The sense of relief washed over the markets like a cool shower on a blazing hot day. The S&P Futures reacted immediately by jumping well over 10 points to a premium above fair value of at least 12-15 points. I know I felt the changeover in astro intensely and I assume many of you did also.

The positive traders reaction to Judge Sauls ruling was originally due out in the early morning about 9 AM. Had this news (which amounted to a defeat for Gore) been exactly on time the markets would have reacted exactly on time in the morning by rising sharply near the open. The way things turned out yesterday is a GREAT EXAMPLE to remember about how EVENTS interact with the astro to skew the timing. The intense astro forces needed to produce an impulse rally were present at 9:03 AM but the free will of man was still in play enough to delay the manifestation in price for a while. The net effect may be to dampen the reaction to some degree but most of the upside potential should still play out.

The NEXT DAY ON DECEMBER 5TH, RIGHT OFF THE OPEN, WAS THE START OF THE BIGGEST RALLY IN NASDAQ HISTORY. Because we knew that an extreme in negative sentiment had occurred on 11/30 and knew that optimism would be present on 12/6 AstroEcon subscribers were long and reaped the entire profit of that rally.

PM update Tuesday 12/5/2000 IS EVERYONE HAPPY???

Aint astrology AMAZING!!!. Geez we went from death's door to the pearly gates in just a few days and it was timed perfectly by the Mercury aspects to Saturn Friday and then Jupiter tomorrow. It does not get any better than this. Believe me, I have been following astro for years and it gets more interesting every day.

Nasdaq had the best rally in history today. The rise has been about 15% since the low on 11/30. I believe this about does it for the wave 3 of A phase with only a touchup rally due tomorrow to make some minor degree highs in certain sectors.

The exact Mercury Jupiter opposition is at 8:11 PM on Wednesday but we know the maximum effect is likely to be early. We also know this aspect is OVERLY optimistic so late buyers are being foolish which does not often go unpunished.

So we should expect a top Wednesday and profit taking on Thursday. The timing of some court action should be a negative factor on Thursday. What looked like a done deal about Gore quitting may encounter a small bit of doubt. The drop should not be dramatic but probably will be big enough to unnerve anyone who got long late today.

AM update 12/6/2000

Take the money and run. MOST OF THE LONG SIDE MONEY HAS BEEN MADE ALREADY at least for the near term.

We should have brief touch up rallies today that will give anyone still long a chance to reap most of what was gained yesterday. I doubt we see more than that. You must choose RIGHT NOW if you will take the profit and be happy or place a sell stop well below where you think a retrace over the next few days will drop into. Hanging on for more needs to be examined to see if it is due to excessive greed. Remember only a few short days ago was the depths of hell for bulls.


AstroEcon readers were long for the best rally in Nasdaq history from 12/1 and held that trade until the morning of 12/6 when it was covered at between 10 and 15% profit in only a few days.

The series of events detailed above is ALSO as good an example of why an understanding of ALL four forces at work in the markets is necessary. Astro, technical, fundamental AND political influences are at work to some degree at all times. Ignore one and the result is less accurate judgment. Ignore two and the result is no better than 50/50 of getting it right. Only using one factor and you may as well go to a casino because you have better odds there. No wonder the notion that market timing is impossible is prevalent.


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