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The next ten years will mark one of the most crucial decades in the history of this country.

The North Node will be going through the signs Libra, Virgo, and Leo during a four year period, 1940-44, This indicates that the technical position of the Business Curve will be going from normal to high and that the Business Curve will reach its "high" point as the North Node transits Leo during 1943 and 1944. Business activity should be above normal during this four year period, if there are no unfavorable secondary planetary factors present to lower the Curve. This is the basic underlying framework upon which the secondary factors will work. On the Busi-


Pentagramm Zeichnen

ness Cycle Chart these signs arc going from normal to above normal, with the sign Leo marking the "high" point.

From June, 1944, to July, 1947, the North Node will be passing through Cancer and Gemini and will reach the sign of Taurus in July, 1947. During this three year period, the Business Curve will be slowly going from "high1' to "normal" on the Business Cycle Chart or business activity will be slowly going from "above normal" activity to "normal,"

When the North Node reaches Taurus in July, 1947, this is a warning signal that the Business Curve has reached its technically normal position and that this transit marks out a transition period before the Business Curve turns definitely downward for a four year period.

Saturn and Uranus will also be in orb of a conjunction aspect during 1940, 1941, and 1942 in Taurus. Saturn and Uranus in conjunction aspect usually brings declining prices, depression, and financial panics. This is a warning ahead of time to the gov* ernmental heads of this country that this country is headed for a more severe depression than the one which we have just been through unless steps are taken now to prevent its occurrence.

From May, 1941 until June, 1942, Jupiter will be in the sign of Gemini, which strongly influences the United States, This will mitigate to some extent the unfavorable influence of the Saturn and Uranus conjunction. Jupiter's passage through Gemini is usually accompanied by rising prices and bullish business conditions. Two sets of financial conditions will mark this period due to the presence of both favorable and unfavorable secondary factors.

The presence of three major planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus, in orb of a conjunction aspect with each other in the sign of Taurus portend drastic and unusual conditions affecting this country during the last half of 1940 and the first half of 1941. Now is the time to prepare for the future and prevent the happening of conditions which we do not want to occur.

In May, 1942, both Saturn and Uranus enter the sign of Gemini, which depicts conditions affecting the United States as a whole. This conjunction of these two powerful planets in die sign ruling the United States is very significant. Depression and financial difficulties will engross the entire country, unless the most drastic steps are taken by those at the head of our Government This configuration of planets is even more significant when the fact is taken into consideration that the transit of Uranus through Gemini every 84 years has brought war to this country. In 1776 Uranus was in Gemini and we had the Revolutionary War. Then, 84 years later (it takes Uranus 84 years to pass through the twelve signs of the zodiac and return to its starting point) Uranus was again in Gemini, and the War between the States occurred in I860. Since the Gvil War, Uranus has not been in the sign of Gemini, but goes into that sign in May, 1942. It is doubly significant at this time since it is in conjunction with Saturn, also in Gemini, and will be placed in this relationship through June, 1944. Uranus has never passed through Gemini without bringing war, depression, and declining prices. Saturn has never passed through Gemini during the past 72 years without bringing a business depression, financial panic or war. Since 1850, Saturn has passed through the sign of Gemini three times and each transit has marked a critical period in the history of this country. Saturn was in Gemini in 1855-56. The Panic of 1857 followed this transit. The years 1883-84-85 again saw Saturn in the sign of Gemini and the Panic and Depression of 1884 took place. Saturn was again in Gemini from 1912 to 1914« This transit brought about the entrance of this country into the World War and the subsequent closing of the New Yotk Stock Exchange.

In view of this imposing testimony, taken when Saturn and Uranus have passed through Gemini singly, it is little wonder that the combined strength of these two planets portend a most critical time in this country's history. This combination of planetary influence points out war, depression, governmental change, social upheaval, and a financial panic. None of this unpleasant picture has to materialize, if steps are made now to acquaint our Governmental heads with the laws that govern our universe.

A knowledge of astrology is the only way out. It is doubtful, though, that mankind will do anything about it, for they are unwilling to learn how the majority of our people have reacted to planetary stimuli in the past

During 1944, 1945, and 1946 Saturn will pass through the sign of Cancer, which rules the ascendant of the New York Stock Exchange Chart, and a sign which strongly influences the United States also. This indicates some drastic changes in the financial world, the New York Stock Exchange itself, and in the Government during these three years.

Uranus will be in Gemini until June, 1949- Thus it will be in this country's ruling sign for about seven years.

During October, November, and December, 1944, and during the first nine months of 1945, Saturn and Uranus will be in a minor favorable semi-sextile aspect (30 degrees). This may result in improved business conditions and an upturn in security prices during this time. This aspect, however, is of minor strength and it is hard to tell just how much of a rise, if any, it will bring.

During the fall of 1947, during all year of 1948, and until the fall of 1949, a very favorable secondary factor will be in force which should cause stocks to rise, bonds to rise, and business boom generally. This aspect is the major favorable sextile aspect (60 degree angle) between Saturn and Uranus. It was this aspect which caused the rise in security prices during 1935-37.

The Moon's North Node moves into Aries January 31» 1949-This indicates that the technical position of the Business Curve is now below normal, even though favorable secondary factors keep the Curve above normal until the aspect passes. This occurs in the late fall of 1949.

During 1950, Saturn is in the sign of Virgo and is moving toward an opposition aspect with the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart. This .indicates that in the fall of 1950 bond and security prices will go lower and possibly slump.

On August 19, 1950, the Moon's North Node passes into Pisces taking the technical normal position of the Business Curve further below the normal line. In December, 1950, Saturn

loans a very unfavorable square (90 degree) aspect with Uranus, and prices will go much lower with business activity far below normal. Stocks and bonds will be in a Bear Market in the midst of a depression period well into 1951.

The information given in this ten year general outlook will make money for those individuals who plan their financial future ahead of time. For those who are not interested in a planned financial future, there is little chance that they will be able to survive the next decade with its financial upheavals. The old hit-and-miss system, guess work, and methods which have worked during the preceding business cycles will be of little use in the complicated ten years we are to go through shortly.

Time will confirm the truth contained in this forecast. The recognition of this method of forecasting economic cycles should be brought to the attention of the present Administration, and particularly to the attention of those who hope to be in power after 1940. Much can be done by the present Administration in the remaining two years (this is being written early 1938) to prevent the collapse of our economic structure, in the future, but the laws of nature, governing supply and demand, must be recognized and utilized now.

Chapter 111

How to Forecast Monthly and Daily Trends on the New York Stock Exchange

THE most reliable method for forecasting monthly trends on the New York Stock Exchange for any desired month in advance is to take the planetary positions at the lunation of the previous month and place these planetary positions in their right positions on the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange. A copy of this Chart, which was originated by the writer after a long period of economic research, accompanies this chapter. Any bookstore that deals in astrological supplies carries pads of blank astrological charts and a copy of this chart can be quickly drawn off on a blank chart by simply copying the house-cusps, signs and degrees.

The planetary positions for every month, at the time of the lunation or New Moon, are given for every year from 1938 through 1950 in Chapter VI of this book. The planetary aspects or angular relationships of the planets at the time of the lunation are also given in this chapter. This information will prove invaluable in guiding traders as to just what the Stock Market will do during the ensuing twenty-eight days.

The best way to learn how to forecast the Stock Market's trend in advance is to take an ° example month" and work it out. After doing a number of charts for months in advance and then watching the reaction of the Stock Market as it actually takes place, anyone can soon learn to get a quick off-hand knowledge of what to expect in the Stock Market. The value of this method lies in the fact that it tells you at any time in advance WHAT month the Stock Market is apt to have a sharp drop or what month the


Stock Market is apt to be strongly bullish. No other method used today by chart-readers offers such advantages.

For an "example month," when a lower trend for stocks was clearly pointed out, let us take the month of March, 1938. The entire month was marked by a drop in the various stock market averages and many stocks dropped to 1932 lows. How was this fact pointed out?

Turning to the Ephemeris in Chapter VI, we find that each New Moon or lunation occurs every twenty-eight days and that this lunation, by the angular relationship of the planets at the time of the New Moon, points out the trend of the New York Stock Market during the coming twenty-eight days.

The nearest lunation or New Moon, which precedes the month of March generally, occurred March 2, 1938. (As a rule the lunation affecting the coming month is given in the month be-fore, which in this case would be February, 1938- The Ephemeris, however, states that there was "no New Moon in February"; so the lunation of March 2, 1938 is used to give the indications for the month of March).

On March 2, 1938, at the time of the lunation, the positions of the planets were as follows: Sun 10 degrees Pisces; Moon 10 degrees Pisces; Neptune 20 degrees Virgo retrograde; Uranus 10 degrees Taurus; Saturn 4 degrees Aries; Jupiter 16 degrees Aquarius; Mars 22 degrees Aries; Venus 17 degrees Pisces; Mercury 5 degrees Pisces. The Moon's North Node, which defines the general curve of economic cycles, was in 1 degree Sagittarius. These planets placed around a skeleton New York Stock Exchange Chart pointed out, by their positions and angular relationships to each other, the unstable Stock Market condition of Match, 1938,

It is necessary in this subject as well as in any other subject to use abbreviations and symbols whenever possible to conserve both time and energy. It is easy to place the signs with their degrees around the skeleton chart of the New York Stock Exchange whereas it is awkward and tedious to write the words and degrees out on the chart. From now on the abbreviations and

"short-hand" symbols for the signs and planets as well as their angles will be used in this chapter and other parts of the book; therefore a brief table is given here for the reader to familiarize himself with and the more quickly these symbols are learned, the easier it will be to give a quick and accurate judgment of stock conditions at any time.

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