The War Depression 19131914

Jupiter moved into Capricorn in January, 1913, and at the same time formed an unfavorable square aspect (90 degrees) with the North Node. Since the technically correct position of the Business Curve was below the normal line the Business Curve began to recede during the remainder of 1913.

The North Node moved into Pisces May 28, 1913- This indicated a technically lower position for the Business Curve.

In September, 1913, Saturn formed a slightly unfavorable aspect with Uranus (sesqui-quadraie of 135 degrees) which lasted through May, 1915. This was further accentuated by the fact that or jsi/s/ßarsys voluats or jsi/s/ßarsys voluats

Saturn was in Gemini, the sign which has a strong influence over the United States. Up until 1913 this secondary factor was neutralized by the fact that Saturn was in favorable aspect to Uranus. When this aspect passed, the influence of Saturn in Gemini was felt.

The year 1914 saw the New York Stock Exchange closed from July to December due to the outbreak of the World War. Business was poor and commodity prices were extremely low. Liquidation of stocks held by European buyers was mainly responsible for the closing of the Exchange. At the end of 1914 the Business Curve stood at 14 points below the normal line.

On December 19, 1914, the North Node moved out of Pisces into the sign of Aquarius. This sign is on the low point of the Business Cycle Chart in this theory, and the passage of the North Node into Aquarius indicated that the Business Curve technically had reached its lowest point. It also indicated that business activity would not be this low again for many years to come. In actuality, the Business Curve did not go below this point until seven years later in 1921.

Although the Business Curve remained below the normal line for the first six months of 1915, it was steadily climbing» during this period, toward the normal line which it reached in July, This rise began as Jupiter was in conjunction with the North Node in trine (120 degrees) aspect with Saturn. Saturn also came within orb of a trine aspect with Uranus during the spring. These secondary factors lifted the Curve sharply.

In July, 1915, Jupiter reached 28 degrees Pisces, the sign on the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart. This transit pointed to rising Stock Market prices and increased business volume which marked the latter part of 1915, all of 1916 and 1917, and part of 1918. This was the beginning of the period known in economic history as the "War Prosperity" period.

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