The Rich Mans Panic19031904

On January 20, 1903, Saturn moved out of Capricorn and into the sign of Aquarius. This transit took Saturn out of orb of the favorable 30 degree angle with Uranus and brought it into an unfavorable 45 degree angle with Uranus the first of May. The Business Curve dropped six points by September at which time Neptune formed an unfavorable 90 degree angle with the North Node. This unfavorable secondary factor caused the Business Curve to drop 11 points below normal through January, 1904. This combination of unfavorable secondary factors brought a 17 point total drop in the Business Curve causing what is known as the "Rich Man's Panic/* Stocks had a correspondingly sharp drop also with Rails suffering more severely than Industrials. According to the Dow-Jones averages, Rails dropped 18 points from 110 to 92, and Industrials dropped 17 points from 64 to 47.

On February 7, 1904, the North Node moved into Virgo indicating that die Normal position of the Business Curve was almost to the high point on the Business Cycle Chart. The Curve rose six points during February under this influence, but dropped vaut ar sur/Meus vo¿<//*£

4 points in May as Saturn formed an unfavorable 150 degree angle with the North Node. This influence was also felt in August, 1904, when the Business Curve stood at 5 points below normal

In September, 1904, the Business Curve took a sharp upturn due to the fact that the North Node moved out of orb of aspects with Saturn and Uranus. Jupiter was in a favorable 120 degree angle with Uranus; and Saturn was within orb to form a favorable 60 degree angle with both planets. These angles were in force during the fall and by the end of December, 1904, the Business Curve had risen 9 points. This recovery from the "Rich Man's Panic" marked the beginning of a three year period with above-normal business volume and rising stock market prices which has come to be known in history as the "Corporate Prosperity Period."



The Business Curve was three points above normal by January of 1905 and rose six more points through June of the same year. This was due to the favorable sextilc (60 degree) angle between Saturn and Uranus, Uranus and Saturn were also in favorable aspect to the North Node at the same time. Uranus was forming a trine (120 degree) angle to the North Node and Saturn was forming a sextile (60 degree) angle to the North Node. Three planets in favorable aspect to each other or two planets and the North Node in mutual favorable aspect to each other are always accompanied by increased business volume and rising stock market prices. This is especially true if the planets involved are Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter, Of course, unfavorable secondary factors present can modify these indications, but generally the upward trend prevails.

Saturn, Uranus and the'North Node were in mutual favorable relationship to each other through June, 1905» and the Business Curve rose to 9 points above normal

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