The Recovery Op 1895

On October 16, 1894, the North Node moved into Pisces and reference to the Business Cycle Chart shows that the normal trend or vocww horhal

of the Curve was slowly moving lower. The powerful secondary factor, Pluto in conjunction with Neptune in the sign of Gemini, which rules the United States moved the Business Curve upward to nearly four points below normal. Jupiter was also in Cancer during the fall (Cancer is the other sign of the Zodiac which with Gemini rules the United States), and Jupiter in this position aids rising prices.

In January, 1895, the Business Curve dropped five points due to the fact that Jupiter moved back into the sign of Gemini and formed an unfavorable square aspect (90 degrees) with the North Node. This aspect held the Business Curve down through April when Jupiter moved out of Gemini and into Cancer again.

In April, 1895, the Business Curve started upward on a 15 point rise which reached six points above normal by September as Uranus was in a favorable trine aspect (120 degrees) to the North Node, The North Node came into an unfavorable square (90 degrees) aspect with Pluto and Neptune in September and these unfavorable secondary factors stopped the rise and caused the Business Curve to drop slightly through the fall. In the meantime the price-depressing planet Saturn moved to an unfavorable conjunction aspect with the powerful governmental planet Uranus. This aspect became close enough to become effective in January and February, 1896, which marked the beginning of the "Silver Campaign Depression."

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