The Bull Market Boom 19281929

During the first six months of 1928, the Business Curve stood between 2 and 3 points above normal due to the fact that Saturn was in unfavorable opposition aspect (180 degrees) to the North Node. The Business Curve rose 6 points in August as Jupiter, Uranus and the North Node were in favorable aspect. This combination of favorable secondary factors was also in force through the fall of 1928, along with a favorable 120 degree aspect (trine) between Saturn and Uranus. The Business Curve rose from 9 points above normal to 15 points above normal during the first six months of 1929- This was the high point reached by the Business Curve in the "Bull Market Boom." The high point for stock prices was reached on September 3, 1929- The average for Rails was 189 and the average for Industrials was 381.

On December 1, 1928, the North Node moved into Taurus. This was a warning signal six months in advance that the "Bull Market Boom" would soon be over. Taurus is the sign on the Business Cycle Chart which marks the transition point in the Business Cycle as the Business Curve goes from normal to low for a four-year period. The Business Curve, as well as the Stock Market, had to go lower in a short time, and traders could have been saved the terrific losses they suffered if this theory of forecasting the Market had been known,

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