Stocks Listed on The New York Stock Exchange

ABRAHAM AND STRAUSS (AST), Inc. Jan, 19, 1920. Sun

28 degrees Capricorn; Moon 8 degrees Capricorn; Neptune 10 degrees Leo (retrograde); Uranus 29 degrees Aquarius; Saturn 11 degrees Virgo (retrograde); Jupiter 15 degrees Leo (retrograde) ; Mars 25 degrees Libra; Venus 17 degrees Sagittarius; Mercury 17 degrees Capricorn; the North Node 21 degrees Scorpio.

ADAMS EXPRESS CO. (AE). Incorporated July 1,1854. Sun 9 degrees Cancer; Moon 15 degrees Virgo; Neptune 15 degrees Pisces; Uranus 15 degrees Taurus; Saturn 9 degrees Gemini; Jupiter 24 degrees Capricorn; Mars 25 degrees Virgo; Venus 29 degrees Taurus; Mercury 5 degrees Leo; the Moon's North Node

29 degrees Taurus.

ADDRESSOGRAPH MULTIGRAPH (AIN). Incorporated May 6, 1931 in Delaware.

ADVANCE RUMELY CO. (RX). Reorganized February 9, 1931, in Indiana.

AFFILIATED PRODUCTS (AFP). Inc, June 26, 1930 in Delaware.

AIR REDUCTION CO. (ADN). Incorporated November 26, 1915 in New York.

AIRWAY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE (AWY). Incorporated July 23, 1920. Sun 0 degrees Leo; Moon 8 degrees Scorpio; Neptune 10 degrees Leo; Uranus 4 degrees Pisces Retrograde;

Saturn 9 degrees Virgo; Jupiter 22 degrees Leo; Mars 3 degrees Scorpio; Venus 5 degrees Leo; Mercury 6 degrees Leo; the Moon's North Node in the chart of this company is in 11 degrees of Scorpio.

ALASKA JUNEAU GOLD MINING CO- (AJ). Incorporated February 17. 1897 in West Virginia.

ALBANY AND SUSQUEHANNA RAILROAD (AQS). In-corporated April 19, 1851 in New York,

ALLEGHANY CORPORATION (Y). Incorporated January 26» 1929 in Maryland*

ALLEGHANY STEEL CO. (AGL), Incorporated May 6, 1929 in Pennsylvania.

ALLIED CHEMICAL AND DYE (ACD). Incorporated December 17, 1920 in New York.

ALL1S-CHALMERS MANUFACTURING CO. (AH). Incorporated March 15, 1913 in Delaware.

ALPHA PORTLAND CEMENT (AHP). Incorporated January 21,1910 in New York.

AMALGAMATED LEATHER (ALR). Incorporated Match 4, 1910 in Delaware.

AMERADA CORPORATION (ARC). Incorporated February 7, 1920 in Delaware.

AMERICAN AGRICULTURAL CHEMICAL (DELAWARE), (AHD). Incorporated December 8,1913 in Delaware.

AMERICAN BANK NOTE (ABN). Incorporated February 19» 1906 in New York.

AMERICAN BRAKE SHOE (ABK). Incorporated October 10, 1910 in Delaware.

AMERICAN CAN (AC). Incorporated March 19, 1901 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN CAR AND FOUNDRY (AF). Incorporated February 20, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN CHICLE (ACJ). Incorporated June 2, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN COLORTYPE (AOY). Incorporated February 21, 1902 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN COMMERCIAL ALCOHOL (ACF). Incorporated April 19, 1928 in Maryland,

AMERICAN CRYSTAL SUGAR (ABS). Incorporated March 24, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN ENCAUSTIC TILING (AEN). Incorporated February 24, 1936 in New York.

AMERICAN EUROPEAN (AMU). Incorporated October 19, 1925 in Delaware,

AMERICAN EXPRESS (AMX). Organized November 25, 1868 under New York Laws—not incorporated.

AMERICAN AND FOREIGN POWER (AFW). Incorporated December 19, 1923, in Maine.

AMERICAN HAWAIIAN STEAMSHIP CO, (AHS), Incorporated May 18, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN HIDE AND LEATHER (HI). Incorporated May 3, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN HOME PRODUCTS (HPT). Incorporated February 4, 1926 in Delaware.

AMERICAN ICE (IS). Incorporated March 11, 1889 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL (AL), Incorporated November 23, 1915 in New York.

AMERICAN LOCOMOTIVE (ALO). Incorporated June 10, 1901 in New York,

AMERICAN MACHINERY AND FOUNDRY (AFX), Incorporated March 26, 1900 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN MACHINERY AND METALS (AME). Incorporated March 27, 1930 in Delaware.

AMERICAN METAL (AMM), Incorporated June 17, 1887 in New York,

AMERICAN NEWS (NEW YORK CORPORATION) (ANC). Incorporated May 24, 1918 in New York.

AMERICAN POWER AND LIGHT (AOW). Incorporated September 20, 1909 in Maine.

AMERICAN RADIATOR AND STANDARD SANITARY CO. (ADT). Incorporated March 26, 1929 in Delaware.

AMERICAN ROLLING MILL (AGM). Incorporated June 29, 1917 in Ohio,

AMERICAN SAFETY RAZOR (ARZ), Incorporated July 22, 1919 in Virginia.

AMERICAN SEATING (AMZ). Incorporated June 21, 1926 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN SHIPBUILDING (ASU). Incorporated March 16, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN SMELTING AND REFINING (AR). Incorporated April 4, 1899 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN SNUFF CO. (SNU). Incorporated March 12, 1900 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN STEEL FOUNDRIES (FJ). Incorporated June 26, 1902 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN STORES {ASC). Incorporated March 29, 1917 in Delaware.

AMERICAN SUGAR REFINING (ASR). Incorporated January 10, 1891 in New Jersey.

AMERICAN SUMATRA TOBACCO (AMS). Incorporated February 12, 1910 in Georgia.

AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH CO. (T). Incorporated March 3, 1885 in New York.

AMERICAN WATER WORKS AND ELECTRIC CO. (AWW). Incorporated June 16, 1927 in Delaware.

AMERICAN WOOLEN (WY). Incorporated March 29, 1899 in New Jersey. However, in this case records indicate that this stock was reincorporated on February 15, 1916 in Massachusetts.

AMERICAN ZINC LEAD AND SMELTING (ZA), Incorporated January 26, 1899 in Maine.

ANACONDA COPPER MINING CO. (C). Incorporated June 18, 1895 in Montana.

ANACONDA WIRE AND COPPER (AWC). Incorporated February 20, 1929 in Delaware,

ANCHOR CAP CORPORATION (ARH). Incorporated September 13, 1928 in Delaware.

ANDES COPPER MINING CO. (ADE). Incorporated January 20, 1916 in Delaware.

A. P. W. PAPER (ABP). Incorporated July 19, 1877 in New York.

ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND CO. (ADD). Incorporated May 2, 1923 in Delaware.

ARMOUR-(DELAWARE) PFD. (AMD). Incorporated December 27, 1922 in Delaware.

ARMOUR AND CO. (AM). Incorporated April 7, 1900 in Illinois.

ARMSTRONG CORP (ACK). Incorporated December 30, 1891 in Pennsylvania.

ARNOLD CONSTABLE (ACT). Incorporated September 19, 1925 in Delaware.

ARTLOOM CORPORATION (ARR). Incorporated February 24, 1925 in Pennsylvania.

ASSOCIATED DRY GOODS (DG). Incorporated May 24, 1916 in Virginia.

ATCHISON, TOPEKA AND SANTA FE RY. (A). Incorporated December 12, 1895 in Kansas.

ATLANTIC COAST LINE R. R. (AX). Incorporated March 14, 1836 in Virginia. Name to present title April 23, 1900.

ATLANTIC GULF AND WEST INDIES STEAMSHIP CO. (AG). Incorporated November 25, 1908 in Maine.

ATLANTIC REFINING (API). Incorporated April 29, 1870

in Pennsylvania.

ATLAS POWDER CO. (APW). Incorporated October 18, 1912 in Delaware.

ATLAS TACK CORPORATION (AKO). Incorporated January 30, 1920 in New York.

AUBURN AUTOMOBILE (AAC). Incorporated June 25, 1919 in Indiana.

AUSTIN NICHOLS AND CO. (ANO). Incorporated August 23, 1919 in Virginia.

AVIATION CORPORATION OF DELAWARE (AVC). Incorporated March 1, 1929 in Delaware.

BALDWIN LOCOMOTIVE WORKS (B), Incorporated June 7, 1911 in Pennsylvania. Sun 15 degrees Gemini; Moon 27 degrees Libra; Neptune 19 degrees Cancer; Uranus 28 degrees Capricorn Retrograde; Saturn 14 degrees Taurus; Jupiter 5 degrees Scorpio Retrograde; Mars 3 degrees Aries; Venus 28 degrees Cancer; Mercury 22 degrees Taurus; the Moon's North Node 8 degrees Taurus.

BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK R. R. (BNK). Incorporated February 13, 1891 in Maine,

BARBER ASPHALT CO., INC. (AS), Incorporated May 19.

1903 in New Jersey.

BARKER BROTHERS (BKR). Incorporated March 15, 1928 in Maryland.

BARNSDALL OIL CO. (BDL). Incorporated November 13, 1916 in Delaware.

BAYUK CIGAR (BY). Incorporated May 21, 1920 in Maryland.

BEATRICE CREAMERY (BR). Incorporated November 20, 1924 in Delaware.

BEECH CREEK R. R. (BCH). Incorporated May 11, 1898 in Pennsylvania.

BEECH-NUT PACKING (BNU). Incorporated December 29, 1899 in New York.

BELDING HEMINGWAY (BV). Incorporated March 2, 1926 in Connecticut.

BELGIAN N. RY. (BLW). Incorporated July 23, 1926 under Belgian Laws.

BENDIX AVIATION (BEX). Incorporated April 13, 1929 in DcIftwitCf

BENEFICIAL INDUSTRIAL LOAN (BNL). Incorporated December 7, 1936 in Delaware.

BEST AND CO. (BST). Incorporated July 29, 1924 in New York.

BETHLEHEM STEEL (BS). Incorporated December 10,

1904 in New Jersey.

BIGELOW SANFORD (BGS). Incorporated July 30, 1904

in Massachusetts.

BLAW KNOX CO. (BKX). Incorporated March 12, 1906 in New Jersey.

BLOOMINGDALE BROS. (BBL). Incorporated August 2, 1917 in New York.

BLUMENTHAL CO. (SBM). Incorporated June 30, 1899 in New York.

BLACK AND DECKER (BDK). Incorporated September 10, 1910 in Maryland.

BOEING AIRPLANE CO. (BOE). Incorporated July 19, 1934 in Delaware.

BOHN ALUMINUM AND BRASS (BHL). Incorporated October 24, 1924 in Michigan.

BOND STORES, INC. (BND). Incorporated March 13, 1937 in Maryland.

BORDEN COMPANY (BDO). Incorporated April 24, 1899 in New Jersey.

BORG WARNER CORPORATION (BOR). Incorporated May 9, 1928 in Illinois.

BOWER ROLLER BEARING CO. (BRB). Incorporated June 23, 1910 in Michigan.

BRIDGEPORT BRASS (BRI). Incorporated April 7, 1882 in Connecticut.

BRIGGS MANUFACTURING (BGJ). Incorporated November 29, 1909 in Michigan.

BRIGGS AND STRATTON (BGG). Incorporated July X, 1924 in Delaware.

BRISTOL MYERS (BM). Incorporated August 11, 1933 in Delaware.

BROOKLYN AND QUEENS TRANSIT CO. (BQT). Incorporated July 1, 1929 in New York.

BROOKLYN MANHATTAN TRANSIT CO. (BMT). Incorporated May 24, 1923 in New York.

BROOKLYN UNION GAS (BU). Incorporated September 7, 1895 in New York.

BROWN SHOE CO. (BW). Incorporated January 2, 1913 in New York.

BRUNSWICK, BALKE-COLLENDER (BCC). Incorporated December 31, 1907 in Delaware.

BUCYRUS ERIE (BEY). Incorporated November 3, 1927 in Delaware.


BUDD WHEEL CO. (BWC). Incorporated June 29, 1921 in Pennsylvania.

BULLARD CO. (BUD). Incorporated September 6, 1894 in Connecticut

BURLINGTON MILLS CORPORATION (BUR). Incorporated February 15, 1937 in Delaware.

BURROUGHS ADDING MACHINE (BGH). Incorporated January 16, 1903 in Michigan.

BUSH TERMINAL CO. (BH). Incorporated February 10, 1902 in New York.

BUSH TERMINAL BUILDING (BHB). Incorporated January 31, 1905 in New York.

BUTLER BROS. (BBR). Incorporated June 7, 1887 in 111.

BUTTE COPPER AND ZINC (BC). Incorporated November 22, 1904 in Maine.

A. M. BYERS (ABY). Incorporated July 9, 1903 in Pennsylvania.

BYRAN JACKSON CO. (BJC). Incorporated November 25, 1927 in Delaware.

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