Stock Market Trends

THE theory of forecasting future trends of the Stock Market and the trend of business, as outlined in this book, is based on sound astronomical law. The law is here; it need only be applied to bring economic independence and a more abundant Jiving to every man and woman in this country.

The way conditions exist today man is the victim of the business cycle. With detailed charts and graphs, he can tell you when business began to pick up, and when a recession started, but he cannot tell you those factors in advance, with all his statistical research, because he has no time factor.

A leading economist, Col. Leonard P. Ayres, of the Cleveland Trust Company, in a booklet entitled ffBusiness Recovery Following Depression states in a paragraph that "Positive Forecasting9 is impossible despite the fact that all booms and depressions have a certain similarity. There is always a new factor present which was not present in the last depression or previous depressions. To quote:

"The explanation of this lade of uniformity is to be found in the variety of the fundamental conditioning facto┬╗ that may control the developments and outcomes of these business swings. Chief among these Is agricultural production which powerfully affects the general prosperity of the country. War is another controlling factor which cannot be foreseen. The prosperity of peoples in other lands is still another of the influences that powerfully modify conditions in this country.

"Since these and other factors cannot be foretold, it is impossible to construct a reliable method for making statistical forecasts of ┬┐nance and business/'

The theory of this book, however, makes the forecasting with accuracy of all of the above hitherto unknown factors, by the study of the angular relation of the planetary bodies to each other as they transit the twelve signs of die zodiac

It is a well-known fact that certain countries are "ruled" by certain signs of the zodiac. That is, from observation and research it has been found that a planet passing through a certain sign has a very definite bearing on the fortunes of a particular country. For example, the United States is strongly under the influence of the signs Gemini and Cancer and planets passing through these two signs have a very definite effect upon the business conditions of this country depending of course on the nature of the planet. These planetary transits can be known years in advance. The same is true of war conditions, crop conditions, booms, recessions, etc., the angular relation of the planetary bodies forecasting the conditions.

The Ecliptic is the Sun's path* A planet crossing this path moves from South latitude to North latitude and from North latitude to South latitude. The word "node" is the name for the points in the orbit of a planet where it crosses the Ecliptic, or Sun's path. The point where it crosses from south to north is the North Node; and the point where it crosses from north to south is called the South Node, The Moon's Nodes have a cycle of nineteen years. That is, it takes them nineteen years to pass through the twelve signs of the zodiac. The trend of the Business Volume Curve has been found to correspond with the cycle of the North Node. In this theory, the transit of the North Node forms the basic trend of business activity and volume. Secondary planetary factors can distort this Curve ten to twenty per cent above or below the normal line depending upon the nature of the planet and the angles formed. Business Cycles, as portrayed on the Chart "A Century of Business Progress by Col. Leonard P. Ayres, is used on a comparative basis with the transit of the North Node portraying the major trend of business volume and activity. Planetary aspects or angles to the North Node and to each other form the secondary trend. In other words, the major trend of Business Activity is clearly shown by the movement of the North Node around the Business Cycle Chart (see chart on page 6).

Whenever the North Node passes through Scorpio and Libra (the North Node moves backward through the zodiac), business goes through an approximate three year "transition period," if there are no unfavorable secondary factors present to distort the Business Activity Curve; business volume is going from normal to above normal, creating a prosperity period or the beginning of a Bull Market in stock prices as well as other forms of business. Whenever the North Node reaches the sign of Leo, Business Volume is normally at a high point, if there are no secondary factors present of an unfavorable nature to distort the Curve. As the North Node passes through Cancer and Gemini, Business Volume is above normal, but the trend is slowly toward normal Favorable secondary factors can prolong this prosperity period beyond the allotted time and unfavorable secondary factors can decrease the length of the favorable period.

Whenever the North Node moves into Taurus, a "transition period" begins which lasts through the sign of Aries, which is approximately about three years. This is a warning that the normal position of the Business Volume Curve has been reached and that the trend of Business activity is slowly going from normal to below normal for the next three or four years.

In 1929i the North Node was in Taurus and had been there since December, 1928, giving the warning six to eight months in advance that the Bull Market Boom was nearing its end Jupiter was in Taurus in conjunction with the North Node in May and June of 1929, a favorable secondary factor which sent the Business Curve upward six points through June. However, when this aspect passed, the Curve dropped and remained below normal for four years until the North Node passed out of the sign Aquarius, which is the sign on the low point of the Business Cycle Chart. According to this theory all these factors were pre* dictable in advance years ahead of the actual happening. No Administration was responsible for the Depression and no Ad-


ministration is responsible for the Recovery according to this theory, which is based on the Law of Action and Reaction. The "real" recovery began in February, 1935, when the North Node moved out of Aquarius, the sign on the low point of the Business Cycle Chart. A favorable secondary factor, Saturn sextile Uranus, was also present during a two-year period and this sent stock market prices and business activity higher than they normally would have been. In August, 1937, when the present recession set in, the North Node was in Sagittarius, and the normal position of the Business Volume Curve was slightly below normal. At the same time Saturn placed on the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart indicated lower prices for stocks and bonds* When this planet formed an unfavorable forty-five degree angle to Uranus, Stock Market prices began to plummet.

In April, 1938, Saturn moved to a slightly favorable angle with Uranus (thirty degrees) and the North Node moved into Scorpio, the transition point on the Business Cycle Chart, indicating that the technical "normal" point has been reached by the Business Curve, and with the slightly favorable secondary factor present, stocks should go up next year as Jupiter passes over the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart, and Business Volume should rise toward the normal line during most of 1939,

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