Prosperity Period

THIS period takes in the years of 1850 to 1854 inclusively.

Reference to a table called an Ephemeris, which gives the geocentric planetary positions for this period, shows that the North Node is in Leo, the sign which is on the highest point of the Business Cycle Chart. Since the Node indicates the trend or curve of business activity and volume as it passes through the respective twelve signs on the chart, it is easy to see that for business activity and volume this period was characterized by "above normal prices/'

In 1850 prices rose from Normal to 11 points above Normal in January, 1851- During 1851 prices began to drop due to the influence as shown by the conjunction of the planet Saturn and Uranus» secondary factors, which can distort the Business Activity Curve from 10% to 20% either way depending upon the nature of the aspect. This aspect was very unfavorable and prices dropped in stocks and bonds as well as business until October, 1851, when these planets had moved out of orb of each other. Since the Node was still in Leo, indicating that business volume would increase as soon as the secondary factor was out of the way, prices began to go up and prices had a steady climb through 1852 reaching 10 points above normal in business activity. The year 1853 saw business volume eight points above normal and the curve going to a high of 15 points above normal through March, 1854.

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In April of 1854, another secondary factor appeared to cause a temporary business recession. Saturn moved into the sigp of Gemini which rules the United SdTtes. This in itself would cause business volume to recede, but it also happens that the Node moving backward in its orbit had also gone into the sign of Gemini. Saturn in conjunction with the North Node caused the Business Curve to turn downward sharply reaching a low of four points below Normal in December 1854 Stock prices also dropped during this period.

As the North Node goes from Leo to Taurus on the Business Cycle Chart, it is easy to see that the Curve of Business activity is going slowly but surely from "Above Normal" to "NormaL" In other words, in the midst of so-called prosperity the influence is slowly at work which will swing the trend of business in the opposite direction, after the Node reaches the sign of Taurus, which is the transition point, as prices and the Business Curve work slowly from "Normal" to "Below Normal" in prices.

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