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On July 21, 1905, Jupiter moved into Gemini, the sign which is co-ruler of the United States. This was a favorable secondary factor for bullish business and Stock Market activity, but it happened that at the same time that Jupiter moved into Gemini, it formed an unfavorable square (90 degree) angle with Saturn and the North Node. This caused the Business Curve to drop one point; however, this was soon recovered as the North Node moved into Leo, August 25, 1903.

Leo is the sign on the highest point of the Business Cycle Chart and the passage of the North Node into the sign of Leo indicated that business volume for a year and one-half in advance would be at its Zenith with the normal position of the Business Curve sharply above normal. The Business Curve rose from 9 points above normal to 13 points above normal through January, 1906. Besides the elevated Node position, two favorable secondary factors were present. Jupiter was in Gemini and Saturn was in favorable relationship to Uranus, forming a sextile or 60 degree angle.

Saturn was forming a 90 degree angle {square aspect) to Jupiter during the spring and summer of 1906. This caused a gradual decline of four points in the Business Curve; however, in the fall, the Business Curve recovered three points as Jupiter moved into Cancer, one of the signs which has strong affinity for the United States. During this time Saturn was in a 60 degree angle to Uranus and 120 degree angle to Jupiter both of which were favorable aspects. In January, 1907, the Business Curve receded to nine points above normal as Jupiter moved out of orb of aspect with Saturn and Uranus. These three points were recovered in March when the North Node moved into Cancer on March 16, 1907. This high was maintained until June, 1907, when the Business Curve showed signs of weakness. This was due to the fact that Saturn had moved to 24 degrees Pisces in May and was forming a very unfavorable angle (90 degrees) with the powerful planet Pluto which was in Gemini, one of the signs so strongly influencing the United States. Saturn, in 24 degrees Pisces, had reached the sensitive degree area (24 degrees

—28 degrees Pisces) on the mid-heaven of the Chart of the New York Stock Exchange and clearly sounded a warning signal that the Corporate Prosperity Period was at an end and a drop in the Business Curve was imminent.

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