Cooudge Prosperity Period 19251927

At the beginning of 1925, the Business Curve was standing at almost 9 points above normal. From January to October, 1925, the Business Curve receded 5 points. Two secondary factors came into play during this period which must be noticed. (1) Saturn and Uranus formed a favorable trine aspect (120 degrees) during the spring and fall. (2) Uranus moved to the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart.

The favorable aspect between Saturn and Uranus mitigated the influence of the elevated position of Uranus on the tenth house or angle of the New York Stock Exchange Chart which was originated by the writer and which gives an excellent key to the future trend of the Stock Market. Uranus stands for the unexpected, the unprecedented and the unusual. The fact that it was favorably aspected by Saturn pointed to the prosperity period at hand as well as the rise in the Stock Market. This period marked die beginning of the greatest Bull Market for stock prices in financial history.

As it has been stated before in these pages, no planet has ever passed over the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart which has not pointed out very definite changes in the trend of security prices, bonds, and general business activity. The passage of Uranus over this point was no exception to this rule. In fact, the wildest speculative wave in history took place during this transit Uranus truly brought about the "unheard-of and most precedent-breaking Bull Market in financial history.

The Business Curve rose 6 points during the fall of 1925 reaching 9 points above normal by January, 1926. During 1926 the Curve fluctuated most of the year between 6 and 9 points above normal. The latter part of October, 1926, the Business Curve dropped from 9 points above normal to 4 points above normal, due to the fact that Saturn moved out of orb of the favorable 120 degree angle with Uranus.

On October 25, 1925, the North Node had moved out of Leo into Cancer and this slightly lowering of the technical position of the Business Curve (see Business Cycle Chart) was felt during 1926.

The Business Curve rose to 8 points above normal through June, 1927, and then dropped sharply through the remainder of the year reaching 5 points below normal in November. This drop was due to the conjunction aspect of Uranus and Jupiter in unfavorable square aspect (90 degrees) to the North Node. This combination of secondary factors was especially strong since Uranus and Jupiter were both on the mid-heaven of the New York Stock Exchange Chart.

On May 13, 1927, the North Node moved into Gemini, the sign which strongly influences the United States, This transit indicated that the technical position of the Business Curve was now slightly above normal. The planet Jupiter in Gemini, however, together with the North Node, has an expansive influence on business in this country every 12 years when it goes through Gemini. (The transit of Jupiter through the ruling sign of any country brings a period of prosperity and expansion, if there is no decidedly opposing testimony.) The passage of the North

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Node into Gemini in 1927 and the transit of Jupiter into Gemini in 1929 marked out the "Bull Market Boom" period ita financial history┬╗ which will be long remembered in this country as one of the greatest prosperity periods of all times.

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