The Nativity Of

" When the brow of the warrior lies shrouded in gloom. And the sage has gone down to the depths of the tomb, And the tongue of the poet is silent and cold, And the statesman has pass'd ' like a tale that is told,' Yet their deeds the proud record of memory saves, . And the radiance of glory shines bright on their graves! The meed of the mighty is blazon'd on high, It is not the doom of the famous to die."

Napoleon, the late mighty and puissant but Mien emperor of the French nation, whose wishes were the mandate and laws of half the world (England excepted) being in secret a profound believer in the Sidereal science; and even in pnblic ** an observer of times and seasons/1 it is said, was particularly anrions to obtain the exact moment of his beloved son's nativity. Consequently, the stndent will presume npon the authenticity of the horoscope, which the following celestial arcs will prove, as they are calculated with all possible correctness.

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