Relating To The Peculiar Destiny Of Individuals

" Descend from heav'n Urania, by that name If rightly thou art call'd, whose voice divine Following, above the Olympian hill I soar, Above the flight of Pegasean wing. The meaning, not thé name I call : for thou Nor of the Muses nine, nor on the top Of old Olympos dwell'st, but heavenly born, Before the hills appear'd or fountains flow'd Thou with eternal wisdom didst converse-Upled by thee,-

In the heav'n of heaven *s I have presumed An earthly guest, and drawn empyreal air."

The science of foreknowledge, relating to individual fate, necessarily forms a leading feature in our present work ; the basis of which has already been given in the descriptions and peculiarities of the signs, planets, and celestial houses, which the stu-lent must well and cautiously digest, and in a great measure <nrol them on the tablet of his memory, 'ere he turns his atten-ion to the " Doctrine of Nativities the secrets of which the uthor will now proceed to develope, in a manner which he itters himself has been as yet unattempted ; and which will, if riously studied, carry conviction home to the breast of the un-?jodiced enquirer.—The first thing necessary to be observed ter tbe scheme of nativity is erected) is concerning the

Sjmct of

Ptolemy, an ancient and renowned Astrologer, in his Quadripartite, or four books on the influence of the stars, justly observes, " of all events whatsoever, which take place after birth, the most essential is the continuance of life; and as it is of course useless to consider* in cases wherein the life of a child does not extend to the period of one year, what other wants contingent on its birth might otherwise subsequently have happened, the enquiry into the duration of life, takes precedence of all other questions. The discussion of this enquiry is by no means simple, nor easy of execution; it is conducted in a diversified process, by means of the governance of the ruling places. And the method now about to be laid down, seems, of all others, the most consonant with reason and with nature! because the influence of the aphetical (or hylegiacal) places, and the anarctic stars, perform the whole operation of regulating the duration of life."

OF THE HYLEG, OR " GIVER OF LIFE," And the Prorogatory Places.

The aphetic, or vital places in every horoscope, are in number five, viz. the whole space of the first, seventh, ninth, and tenth houses, computed by oblique ascension or descension, to reach five degrees preceding the cusp of each house, and twenty-fiVfe degrees beneath it: as also the half of the eleventh house, or the half of the stars semidiurnal are above the cusp df the horoscope. Consequently the " lord of life," as the Arabian Astrologers term the Hyleg, cannot be chosen when in either the'limits'of the second, third, fourths fifth, sixth, or eighth houses, or in the firfetAal/of the eleventh house. • , - If the 0 be in either of these places by day,he must be chosen in preference to att others, as the planet who shall assume the important office of Hykg (or aphetar) and if the» birth be by night, the« the ]) -must be chosen; but if neither of these planets should be found in aphetical places, the horoscope or ascendant must be chosen as Hyleg.

To determine the possibility of Life, the student (having selected the Hyleg) must well observe, whether it be strong and free from malignant configurations especially of Saturn, Mars, or Herschel ; for according to the strength and fortitude of the " Giver of life/' so will be the radical constitution, and the concomitant effects. If the Hyleg be much afflicted, the child will not survive it& infant state. If afflicted by aspect, and at the same time assisted by powerful rays, life will be in danger under operating diréctions, but may be preserved by extreme caution and peculiar medical aid. In all cases therefore the durdtion of life is judged from the Hyleg, and when two planets, the 0 and ]) (there canriot^be more) contend, by being both in proper places, for the Hylegiacal prerogative, both mtist be chosen ; but the " supreme" of the two, or that planet who claims the most essential dominion must be elected, as the most powerful. The ancients besides the luminaries, attributed thé same effects to the 0 and planets haying dominion in the preceding lunations, but repeated experience warrants us in rejecting that theory, and affirming that there can be no other Hyleg than what is before described. The Hyleg being chosen, and the probable length or shortness of life deduced from its position, or configurative rays, the next consideration will be of that planet to which is attributed the office


; The Anaretic planets by nature are, and ; but in particular cases the Q, D, and £ may be endowed with the same fatal influence, being variable according to the nature of the planet with which they are configurated or joined. The 0 in particular is found to be a powerful Anareta when the ]) is Hyleg, unless the benevolent rays of % or ? assist in averting his hostile influence.

* To occasion death the Hyleg must be afflicted either by the conjunction or configurating evil rays ; of the Anaretical stars, and the distance between the significator (or Hyleg) and the aspect when measured by the celestial arc of direction, and equated by a certain measure of time, which the experience of ages has determined for truth, will in every case point out, as with the finger of fate, the true and precise period of death.

The manner and quality of death, is also taken from the operating directions or celestial causes; to which it must be re* membered that as in a vital nativity one configuration alone will seldom kill; so when the benefic stars assist in the train, but are too weak in influence to save life, they will assist in pointing out the cause and manner of death.

In these cases V? causes death by cold chronic, lingering diseases, such as ague, dropsy, flux, consumption, illiac passion, fear, melancholy; cough, asthma, rheumatism, disorders of the spleen, and all diseases proceeding from a superabundance of cold.

11, joining his rays in the evil configuration, and being too weak at the time to save, causes death to proceed from disorders of the lungs, pleura, the morbid affections of the heart, spafcms, pains in the head, and by all diseases which arise from defect in the organs of respiration, or defect in the vital faculties.

$ causes mortality, by burning and rapid fevers, sudden and spontaneous wounds, disease of the kidneys, the stone or gravel, expectoration of blood and hoemorrhages of all kinds, erysipelas, measles, small pox, infectious diseases, abortion, miscarriage, surgical operations; and, in short, by all hasty, acute, and violent choleric complaints.,

Q when Atiareta, is found to produce similar diseases to but not so violent; and in this instance, the nature of the celestial sign he occupies is much to be considered. He denotes also dangerous fevers, affections of the eyes, and hot diseases.

$ by joining in the train of killing configurations, causes death by disorders of the stomach and liver; as wasting or pining away, by scurvy, dysentery, fistula, use of improper medicine or poisonous drinks, and all diseases incident on superabundant moisture and corruption.

who, although a light planet, becomes a powerful signi-flcator when by aspect he is impregnated with Anaretic influence ; causes de&th to proceed from disorders of the brain, me lancholy, epilepsy, tits, insanity, coughs, and obstructions, as well as all diseases wherein the mind or intellect is affected.

The J by joining in the Anaretic rays, when she is not Hyleg, denotes a variety of diseases, chiefly proceeding from cold and moisture, and also disorders affecting the head, sight, brain, nerves, and at times apoplectic affections.

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