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" Can mortal strength presume to soar so high I Can mortal tight so oftfcedimm'd with teats Such glory bear! for Io, the shadows fly From nature's face i confusion disappears And order charuiS the ^re, and harmony the car '


Herschel, or (afe some Astrologers term this planet) Uranus, having been so recently discovered, that no one living has seen more than one half his celestial revolution through the fields of space, it cannot be expected that a complete system of his Astrological effects could possibly be given ; but from the author's own experience, aided by what other observations he could gather from men of skill and science in celestial philosophy, this planet is peculiarly unfortunate in his nature, and of course his influence, when brought into action by aspecting the various significators in a nativity, is replete with evil, also. He may be compared to the combined effects of Saturn and Mercury. He is in nature extremely frigid, cold, dry, and void of &ny cheering influence.

" Last, Herschel walks his frontier round The boundary of Worlds; with hia pale Moon* Faint glimmering through the darkness night has thrown, Deep dyed and dead: o'er this chill globe forlorn An endless desart, where extreme of cold 'Eternal sits, as in his native seat, On wintry hills of never thawing ice; Such Herschel's earth!"-


He was discovered on the 13th March 17$1, by the late Dr. Herschel, (under singularly ominous positions, which will be noticed in the latter part of this work, where we treat of mundane Astrology). His effects are truly malefic ; but what he does of evil, is always in a peculiarly strange, unaccountable, and totally unexpected manner: he causes the native born under his influence, to be of a very eccentric and original disposition. Those persons are generally unusually romantic, unsettled, addicted to change, and searchers after novelty. If the Moon or Mercury, and Herschel be well aspected, they are searchers after nature's secrets, excellent chymists, and usually profound in the more secret sciences. He gives the most extraordinary magnanimity and loftiness of mind, mixed with an uncontrollable and intense desire, for pursuits or discoveries out of the " track of custpm."

In Marriage, if in the seventh house, or afflicting the Moon, he causes every thing but happiness, want of order and sociality in domestic concerns, listlessness and coldness between man and wife, discord from the most entire, strange, and unusual causes, death of relatives, &c. He is equally evil in love, and peculiarly inimical to the fair sex : his evil aspects to the Hyleg have also a tendency to materially lessen thespaceofLife.

As yet there are no peculiar houses assigned him, but we have reason to think (from several thousand observations) that the sign Aquarius, is one wherein he much delights ; that he is fortunate in the airy trigon, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarics ; and unfortunate in fiery, earthy, or watery signs. It is impossible, • from the long period of his revolution, to hare formed any thing like a system, as to the bodily confirmation of those he governs ; but they may probably resemble those whom Saturn and Mercury are said to govern, if the student can judiciously combine the effects of each, which is difficult. When we consider how much this planet must have baffled the judgment of the ancient Astrologers; and when we reflect also, that there may be other planets equally powerful, beyond his orbit, as yet undiscovered, we cannot help remarking the extreme ignorance and folly of those persons, who require from the Astrologer what they expect from no one else, infallibility.

The anticipated existence,.and subsequent discovery of this planet, forms a singular instance on what correct principles the moderns have prosecuted their studies. Drs. Halley, Bradley, and others, had frequently observed that Satqrn was disturbed in his motion by some force, which they concluded must originate beyond its orbit; as they could not account for it on the known principles of gravitation, they pursued the speculative theory, till at length the discovery of this hitherto unknown planet, crowned their labours with success, and has enabled us to enlarge our present solar system to nearly double its bounds. Herschel shines with a fine bluish white light, something between that of Venus and the Moon, and usually appears only as a star of the eighth magnitude.

Saturn is by universal experience acknowledged to be the most powerful, evil, and malignant of all the planets. In Nativities he is most destructive: if placed in the mid-heaven, he causes infinite tirouble in business, credit, and honor. The person is generally unfortunate in his principal undertakings ; and when Saturn arrives at the cusp of the angle by direction, is generally ruined. There is scarcely any aspect, hpwever powerful, can counteract' this position. In the fourth house, he is not so evil, but «till unfortunate, and so of other places in the horoscope; but it must always be observed in these cases, whether Saturn is in aspect with other planets; because if in good aspect to Jupiter/the evil is materially diminished, and even Venus assists herein most powerfully.

Saturn is of a dull, whitish,- leaden colour ; he is considered a cold, dry, earthy, melancholy, masculine, malignant, solitary star. When the body and mind are formed by Saturn, authors describe thé native as of middle stature, dark or pale complexion, small black leering eyes, thick lips and nostrils, large ears/thin face, lowering looks, cloudy aspect, and seemingly melancholy and unhappy, broad shoulders, small legs, and thin •beard. If well dignified by house, exaltation, or aspect, the native will be acute, active, and penetrating ; but austere, slow, and reserved, grave, elose, and ungenerous, covetous, laborious, patient, and mindful of injuries ; careful of what he gets, and constant both in attachment and hatred. The beams of Saturn and Herschèl constitute the most decided Misers.

If ill dignified, or ill aspected, (for either are the same) the native will be sordid, base,- cowardly and suspicious, envious, treacherous, malicious, and frowardly stubborn to a fault. The real nature of Saturn is repining and gloominess : persons under his immediate influence, generally see every thing through the worst possible, medium ; this generally breeds fear and mistrust. An old author observes, " The Saturnine man will never look thee in the face." Another old author declares, that " if they take to love any one, they love most constantly ; and if they hate, they hate to the death." They are generally solitary, and fond of retirement from the busy ways of men, delighting in solemn spectacles, deep mysteries, mournful music, tolling of bells, and spectacles of horror ; as executions, and such like. If Saturn be much afflicted, they become a prey to the most gloomy misanthropy, and frequently commit suicide, especially if Venus join in the malignancy of the operating directions : this so true, that even at the present time, we have the epithet "Saturnine" as prefixed to one whose habits are gloomy and morose, even by those who profess not to believe in Astrology.

He is said to govern the bones, spleen, teeth, joints, and right ear, and those born under him are always said to have bad teeth, and to be very much afflicted with disorders of the teeth and gums, tooth-ache, &c ; he is also presumed to govern the retentive faculties of* the mind, as the memoiy, &c. In diseases, he denotes those which proceed from colds and obstructions, as agues, melancholy, all nervous diseases, fits, epilepsy, black jaundice, cold humours and defiuxions, fierce catarrhs, pthisis, atrophy, fistula, leprosy, apoplexy, palsy, and dropsy. The ancient Astrologers record, that he is friendly (according to natural sympathy and antipathy) with the O V and ? , and at enmity or disagreeing with g ? and the ]).

In horary questions, Saturn signifies {symbolically) sires, grandfathers, ancient men, day labourers, paupers, beggars, clowns, monks, husbandmen, the meaner sort of agriculturists, sextons, grave diggers, &c. Of animals, &c, Saturn (according to the ancient Astrologers) rules the ass, cat, hare, mouse, mole, dog, wolf, bear, elephant, basilisk, crocodile, scorpion, serpent, adder, toad, hog, tortoise, eel* shell fish, and all creatures delighting in filth, and breeding from putrefaction.

Of herbs, trees, &c. He rules the hemlock, starwort, bears-foot, wolf-bane, fern, hellebore, henbane, burdock, dragon, parsnip, poppy, pulse, mandrake, vervain, nightshade, moss, angelica, box, borage, sage, spinach, cummin, fumitory, shepherd's purse, horse tail, tamarisk, capers, polipody, senna, hemp, savin, rue, willow, pine, yew, and cypress tree.

In the " feathered creation " are subject toiiim, the crow, owl, crane, thrash, ostrich, lapwing, peacock, bat, blackbird, cuckoo, &c.

Amongst stones and minerals, he rules the sapphire, lapis lazuli, all unpolished black and bluish stones, lead, the magnet, and the dross of all metals.

Of places, he delights in deserts, woods, obscure valiies, dens, caves, holes, sepulchres, church-yards, ruinous buildings, coal-pits, sinks, muddy dirty stinking places, wells and nuisances of every description. He delighteth in the east quarter of the heavens, and rules the east wind and cold weather, with frost or snow. His place in the Nativity is unfortunate to the native as long as he lives; and, therefore, if it can be ascertained what part of the world be governs, when accounted from the Horoscope, the native should never travel in that direction.

In a word, Saturn is the greater infor tune, the worst of all the planets ; and were an Astrologer to forget himself so far, as to desire some serious evil might befal his enemies, or despise rs, he could not express himself more effectually to the purpose, than by wishing his adversary exposed to the hostile rays of the sly, pernicious, and malignant old Saturn.

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