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Here we have the Q in x in □ to the radical T? ; Saturn by period nearly in semiquartile to the radical 0.—$ in exact □ to Tj at birth; and lastly the J just entering the sign n. the opposite sign to her place in the horoscope, and within a week's celestial motion of the violent and malignant conjunction of J?, the samaevil planet who at the instant of birth by his anaretical rays forbade the duration of that inestimable life, which was so highly prized by the generality of the English nation.

genethliacal astrology. 183

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This nativity is remarkable on account of the singular satel-litium of stars in the sign tTp in mundane A to the ascendant; the native is the son of a fortunate and respectable citizen (a student in Astrology).—From the configurations of 11 $ and Ç, there can be no doubt but the child is born to be very famous and noted in life for his talents in music or elegant scientific acquirements.—He will however have a dangerous accident in his eleventh year, from the ascendant to the g T? ; but in his nineteenth and twentieth years will rise to great eminence; and be remarkably prosperous, in whatever sphere of life he may be placed, from the excellent nature of the operating directions, and other celestial causes, at that period of his life. The very remarkable configurations in the above horoscope are worthy of the student's attention.

î84 a manual of astrology.

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• The récent production of this " modern Juvenalist" (as some have termed him) having excited much curiosity in the literary world, is the author's chief reason for inserting hi9 horoscope. The student will readily perceive the close zodiacal A of the D with and the planet $ arising in np in parallel to Ç, as the cause of his being a pdet ; but the desire for the extraordinary, which his satirical talent evinces, is solely produced by the almost perfect semiquartile ef the J) and ]£» which never fails to give originality of genies, as we have previously observed in a former part of the work, we predict that " the author of the age reviewed'' is destined to great celebrity in the twenty-siecond year of hie life, probably by some eminent election of his poetical genius !

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