but which is notwithstanding founded on sterling truth, and which will amply repay the learner thereof for the pains he may take in acquiring it.

To make the matter more plain we will insert the following diagram, and afterwards point out the method of giving judgments.

)) ab quintilo % ad $ ©, and each to a

In.the foregoing diagram, the sign Vf ascending, is the sign given to the querent or enquirer, and as T? rules that sign, he is under the influence of that planet at the time he proposes the question. In a general way the lord of the ascendant being retrograde in s, the sign of his detriment in the sixth house, denotes indis-position, sickness, and great anxiety respecting servants ; % and $ dénotes his pecuniary resources, as ruling the second house; 11, the former of these planets being in the ninth house free from any evil configuration, would denote a respect-able person, and one whose resources were sufficient to meet his wants; but , the latter significator, being in the eighth house opposite to the second, and disposed of by ? lady of the third house, who is found in the twelfth, portends anxiety and temporary vexation concerning the money, or well being of his kindred, with expenditure in short journeys, but gain in merchandise as % ruler of the tenth house is found in the ninth, and bears rule in the bouse of wealth.—The d of the O and ]> in the eleventh house denotes trouble and vexation by means of a public opponent, or a law-suit; wherein, as these planets are each disposed of by If. the lord of the eleventh house, and he in the ninth, it promises a fair stout person from a great distance (and a religious generous person) will become an active friend; while T? ruling the twelfth house, denotes hisprivate enemies to be in his own power; and 11 ruling the second, indicates the means why, namely by means of his large pecuniary resources.— , lord of the fourth house in the tenths separating from a sesquiquadrate ray of T? and applying to his bi-quintile, indicates some transaction relating to the purchase of lands or houses, and a change of residence as naturally to be expected. £ in the twelfth house and ruling the eighth, denotes the death of a female relative as approaching, and by the measure of time already given, it may take place in about five months, accounting from the time for which the figure is calculated. (The same thing is shewn by the 8 in the third to those who believe in its efficacy.) In the accidental significations (see page 109) T? in the sixth house denotes the death of a friend; and the planet H in the ascendant foreshows many strange unexpected occurrences, rather vexatious, as about speedily to happen.—In particular questions—

Were the query concerning money generally, it is favourable. Were it concerning the expected receipt of money, it is against it, as If forms no aspects but the A of ^ ; and before he meets the A» ? interposes her g to f? and thereby prohibit the affair, or at least hinders it for a very long space of time. The g of and ? also denotes a cessation of friendship be tween a near relation and the party enquiring) with evil intelligence by letters; and spiteful neighbours.

Were the query respecting the obtaining trade or profession, &c.$ angular, in semisextile to % denotes money to be requisite in the affair, and by such means it might be obtained; as $ is in bi-quintile to T?, and If. rules the eleventh house.

Were the query concerning the probable success in a lawsuit, the querent would lose the day, or have to pay money, as $ the lord of the second house is in the house of his opponent's wealth, and ? ruling that house is in his twelfth house.*—But the adversary would also be near ruin, owing to the position of the luminaries in the eleventh house, and <J accidentally in the opponent's second.

Were it concerning a duel, the challenging party would be killed, as the of 0 and J would be fatal, added to T? in the sixth and $ in the eighth house, or house of mortality.

Were it concerning marriage, no marriage would take place, as sickness or death would prevent it.—T? ruling the ascendant, being in the house of sickness and the ]) combust, which signifies infinite vexation and defection of friends, from the houses these planets rule.

Were it concerning children, $ angular in f a bi-corporeal sign and % in a fruitful sign, denotes a large family of both sexes; several of whom would be great travellers, but deaths and sickness in such a family would be probable.

Were the question concerning short journeys, $ going to the g of Tj, denotes all possible misfortune therein, and sickness to the wife (if married) while absent.

If of long journeys partial gain would accrue, as ^ is in the ninth house, but a death would cause the querent to speedily return, as J? is retrograde and <J ruling the ninth in the house of death.

Were the question of the general stale of life, I? in the sixth house denotes sickness by violent colds, danger by water, but long life in the end; as !{. and meet by A aspect before they quit the sign—this is seen by the Ephemeris ; yet $ meeting the g an evil aspect first, denotes great and lasting troubles, and fear of imprisonment or great scandal through a female neighbour; but § angular,is a testimony of his being led to expect an active, public life, yet but few real friends.

In this symbolical system of judgment, where events are t«-dicated (not caused strictly speaking,) the lords of each house being directed longitudinally, or by their motion in the zodiac, void of latitude and the arcs equated by the measure of time, which the diagram, page 201, exhibits, will also show the various events that will happen: thus for instance, £, lord of the second house, is going in the next sign to a of %, a fortunate star; this aspect being about 7$ degrees distant, denotes some particular gainful event, (unexpected at the time of the figure being set) in about 7f- weeks time, and partly by means of a friend.—>? approaching a retrograde A of % being nearly eleven degrees distant, denotes the same thing in about eleven months reckoned from the time the figure was cast; but pre-r vious to this his g to ? as before said, acts powerfully in evil.

In all cases, the student will bear this in mind; that the horary system of judicial Astrology presumes the end or final issue of every contingency may be foreseen, either by a figure erected for the occasion by one whose mind is interested and anxious therein, or by casting a figure for the exact time of its commencement ; and this rule holds good in every undertaking; as a few examples which we shall give will illustrate. The first possible beginning, of course, is in these cases absolutely necessary to be known, such as in aquatic or other buildings when the first pile or stone is laid, to that time must the theme of heaven be erected.—And in journeys, the instant of time the party sets out; or in sea voyages, the exact time the vessel is unmoored and floats freely in her wonted element.

The first figure we shall give is the horoscope of a ¿jre^t national undertaking:

" On each side an imperial city stood With towers and temples proudly elevate/1

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