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The only remarkable positions which we shall notice in this illustrious geniture, are, first, the almost perfect □ of the ]) Ijl and which subjected the native to those frequent attempts on his life, which the of the © and 7/, and the ¿fc of % T? § and ^ frustrated; next, the singular position of $ in r, and % in the same sign, angular, in the house of honor; and lastly, the configurations offour planets in n> the sign remarkable for producing insanity, when thus afflicted. These alone are sufficient to stamp the mark of truth on the Astral science.

By progressive direction, on the 25th of August 1738, four hours before noon, which answers to eighty-one years, eight months of the native's life; being eighty-one days twenty hours after birth (allowing a day for each year).

The planets were thus posited:

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