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Summer, Autumn, and Winter Quarters.

In like manner as we have given the precepts for judging the vernal equinox, even so must the student proceed in forming his predictions from the remaining quadrants of the year, framing his horoscope for the summer quarter, at the precise hour and minute when the Sun enters the constellation Cancer; for the. autumnal quarter, when Sol enters the beginning of the sign Libra, and the hyemal, or winter quarter, when he in like manner touches the first star in the constellation Capricorn. The time when each of these takes place, the Ephemeris, as before said, will accurately show; and, moreover, these ingresses are in the Ephemeris calculated to solar time, which requires no addition or subtraction whatever to be made, contrary to nativities where the time is accounted by clocks and watches, and consequently not correct, till regulated by the Sun.—Thus the method of predicting by the horoscopes of the year in State Astrology, is void of any difficulty in the process, and sufficiently plain and easy to any one who will but pursue the subject in a scientific way, as we have heretofore described.

As a stimulus to such proceedings, it may not be deemed altogether irrelevant to the subject, by remarking that the most remarkable events in the fate of Europe and the surrounding nations, hone been actually foretold, (through the simple but beautiful theory of Judicial Astrology).—Thus, in the Prophetic Almanack, the exact day on which the late Queen Caroline died was predicted twelve months before it took place, and at a time when the subject thereof was in the enjoyment of health, and to all appearance long-lived; as also the war with the Burmese, and other special predictions.—And to go no farther back than the present year, in the Prophetic Messenger for 182?, the author of the work predicted the death of the late illustrious and lamented Duke of York; the similar changes in the cabinet ; the aggression in Portugal, &c.—Even as late as the last month, (November 1827) there is the following remarkable announcement of an event that even now continues to occupy almost undivided attention, namely, the battle of Navarino. The author's words are these w The Turks are going to open variance with a gigantic power / a dreadful shipwreck or disaster at sea is shown by the signs of the month, which are remarkably replete with evil* &c." Therefore it necessarily follows, if that the science, when closely studied, invests the diligent enquirer with these " prophetic powers which we have given proofs that it does, it must be worthy of the patronage and support not only of the learned, but of the most dignified; since many contingent events, which necessarily cause almost fatal errors in the system of foreign dominions, might by this means be rectified and partially prevented.

Doubtless, great care and almost undivided attention to the courses of the stars and the " bright messengers of Heaven," coupled with a true philosophical and patient genius, entirely divested of prejudice, with a rigid observance of truth in every instance, are qualifications not easily found at the present day, when wealth and power are the idols most men worship; but still it must be allowed, that " patience and perseverance will perform wondersand no one should rest satisfied with a bare superficial examination of any art or science, but according to that saying of the ancients, Veritas in Pieteo (or " truth lies hid in a well") they should strive by all possible means to arrive at the possession of sterling knowledge, which is the noblest

* Vide Prophetic Messenger, page 38. As also the hieroglyphical engraving for that year, which was issued as early as October 1826, and contained an actual picture of the grandest events of the ensuing year, namely, the firing of cannons, the march of armies, a naval fight, &c. &c. As singular an instance of Astrological foresight as could well be adduced!

attribute of mankind in every age. And the true observance 6f nature in her most retired paths, will eminently conduce to the attainment of this desired object. Thus Milton :

" Now Heav'n to all her glory shone and roll'd Her motions, at the great first mover's hand First wh*el'd their coarse; earth in her rich attire Consummate lovely tnriTd; air, water, earth. By fowl, fish, beast, was flown, was swum, was walk'd Frequent; and of the sixth day yet rexfcain'd; These wanted yet the matter-work, the end Qfdll yet d/cmi a creature who, not prone And brute, as other creatures, but endued With sanctity of reason, Ought erect His stature, and upright, with front serene, Govern the rest, self knowing, and from thence Magnrntmov* to correspond with Heaven ; And worship God supreme, who made him chief Of *11 his works."

Paradise Lost.

it has been a constant argument brought forward by the illiberal adversaries of Judicial Astrology, that it is fallacious to attempt at predicting future events from the known and necessary phenomena of nature, of which eclipses are a part. But observe the true force of the argument; the Astrologer does not pretend to attribute the effects which follow eclipses, to the single circumstance of the luminaries being obscured, in a greater or lesser manner, (although the occurrence of a total eclipse happens so seldom, that even here the Astrologer who reverences the sacred volume, which speaks of the signs of Heaven, might be probably somewhat justified by attributing certain effects thereto). But it is the position of the whole Heavens, taken in his horoscope for the given time of the ecliptic darkness, which he observes, and the actual configurations of every planet, as well as those of the luminaries, which are active or passive agents in the eclipse.—The eclipse itself serving only as an epoch, or celestial date, whereby certain events are to be predicted from thé heretofore known qualities of the reigning stars, or planetary orbs—This places, the matter in a new light, and consequently removes the charges of superstition and absurdity, which are usually showefcd down in plentiful epithets upon those who dare to be wise, by attempting to find a clue towards unravelling the mysterious laws of the universe. It is by a similar play upon letters, words, and arguments, that the shallow and groundless abuses of this most noble science is founded.—A fact, which we hope the critics who may be fated to oppose our humble endeavours in the cause of truth, will not suffer to pass by unnoticed.

As a proof of the reality of planetary agency at the time of eclipses, let the reader only refer to the remarkable events which succeeded the great solar eclipse of September 7,1820. In the latter part of that year, and in the early part of 1821, a general ferment was excited by the proceedings of the late Queen Caroline. It was in the month of May 1821, that the most mighty of earth's imperial conquerors, Napoleon Buonaparte, died.—Next we have the extraordinary ceremony of his majesty's coronation, at which the ill-advised queen attempted to be present ; the death of the same ill-fated princess within a few days after ; the tumult at her funeral.—The persecutions of the Grecian Christians by their Turkish taskmasters ; which became general just at the occultation of the great luminary> and which brought on a train of massacres and brutal violations, as horrible and revolting to human nature as any on record, by which the great cities of Turkey in Asia, were filled with female victims, and children, the prey of the barbarian ; and cities of injured Greece with reprisals of Mahommedan blood !— Neither must it be forgotten, that in our nation the most extraordinary distress prevailed among the agriculturists, which caused the ruin of thousands, as well As the great depreciation of land, which in many districts, was left almost entirely on the hands of the proprietors ; and rents, id consequence, were reduced throughout the country from 30 to 60 per cent ! These events were of too much magnitude to be indifferently passed over by the reflecting and philosophical Astrologer,

But more recent still, and more fresh in the memories of our readers, are the no less remarkable events which have succeeded the solar eclipse of November 29, 1826. Within a month of that celestial obscuration* arrived the news of the war in Portugal; the embarkation of British troops for the scene of action, which was so totally unexpected, that millions of money were alternately gained and lost by the sudden depreciation in our government securities.—Next, the nation was filled with one universal note of lamentation and poignant sorrow, by the death of the illustrious commander-in-chief, of the bravest troops in the world; succeeding this, were the almost unprecedented distractions in the cabinet, through which the king was left without a responsible adviser, the army without a commander, and the government without a head.—Then succeeded the Whig promotions, and the total change in the cabinet thereby—the violent opposition in the parliamentary senate—the death of Mr. Canning, at a most critical juncture; the arming of the Russian fleet—the death of the emperor of Saxony, and other no less remarkable events, which whatever may have been their cause, have produced the grandest actions on the great theatre of Europe; and events which none but an Astrologer can possibly account for, but which, he contends, were produced entirely by the positions of the heavenly bodies, and their prevailing aspects, at the period of the eclipse; to which the solar ingresses, as before described, bore testimony.

In calculating eclipses, the Astrologer must draw forth his horoscope to the precise minute of time when the eclipse is said to be in the middle of its greatest obscuration.—This is also known by the Ephemeris, where the date thereof is set down ; hut otherwise it is easily calculated by the requisite tables, or by stereographic projection; but the first of these is the most facile and easy in practice, and the horoscope when erected, must be judged by the aforesaid elementary principles, which we have clearly elucidated in various parts of this work, which if he wishes to excel in this pursuit, must be well remembered. Each aspect must be equated, and its various designation, either symbolical or natural, well and judiciously observed; the quality of the fixed and erratic stars : the nature of the ascending and culminating constellations ; the lord of each eelestial house; its position and true Astrological meaning; together with the time when these events will occur, which is hereafter elucidated; by which means the portents of each eelestial omen will be faithfully perceived, and its certain allosion to that particular region or country over which it bears rale, most accurately known.—We shall here subjoin the horoscope for the late lunar eclipse of November the 3rd, 1827-

" There «hall be signs in the Sun,an& the Afoon,and the Stars—upon the Earth, distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea, and the waves roaring; and men's hearts failing them for fear, and for those things which are coming upon the Earth." Luke xxi. 25, 26.

The illustrated Frontispiece which adorns this work, contains as faithful a picture as could well be formed of the true Astrological prefiguretions of the foregoing ominous horoscope! —and as the author had treated of the particular effects of each celestial sign, relative to this eclipse in the Prophetic Messenger for 1828 in a copious manner, he subjoins the predictions verbatim therefrom; merely premising that the student will at once perceive the singular positions of Herschel in the midst of heaven, in the verge of Capricorn; a sign which has peculiar Astrological signification to certain countries and regions at the time we write;—added to which, the Moon being eclipsed in the ominous degree of Taurus, heightens the presage in a most extraordinary manner.—Neither is the portentous scheme any way lessened by the angular position of Mercury in the house of war and battle; nor by the position of the Moon with the Dragon's Tail: but on the contrary increased.—The testimonials of many strange and extraordinary occurrences are too plain and manifest to be passed over without comment, —they are all faithfully depictured in our hieroglyphic!



On the 3rd of November, 1827; the effects of which will be in active influence over the greater part of Europe for a considerable period!

That the stars are signs of future events, and that they have power over the inferior world, and over all terrestrial objects, is dearly demonstrated; not only by the inspired writers, but also by the most celebrated fathers of the Christian church, in all ages.—Luther, the great reformer, in his commentary on the book of Genesis, affirms, that Moses expressly declares, " that the Moon, with the Sun and Stars, were placed in the firmament of heaven for tokens of that which should befall us, as experience teaches, in eclipses, great conjunctions, and the like." Melancthon also advises the reader to compare this with the prophet Jeremiah, who speaks of " the signa of heaven" in a most emphatic manner.

The records of antiquity assure us, that Astrology was formerly the favorite pursuit of the wisest, the mightiest, and the most exalted of mankind. Thus Berosus, the Chaldeai}, was so famous in the art, that, after his death, his statue was erected ivith a golden tongue, to denote his almost divine skill in predictions.—It is recorded of the Roman emperor Adrian, that by his knowledge in the science," he was able to set down a diary of every accident that would befall him, to the very hour of his death !"—And the extraordinary skill of Severus, another Roman emperor, was such, that having cast his nativity, pre* vious to his expedition for the shores of Britain, he caused it to be inscribed on the walls of his judicial palace, with the prediction affixed, (as a monument of his knowledge,) " that he should never return againwhich accordingly happened, for he died at York, after ruling the empire eighteen years !— And, as Sir Christopher Heydon justly observes, "so highly hath this divine knowledge ever been esteemed, by the ancient monarchs of the world, that grateful antiquity could not better eternize their memory to posterity, than, as when they lived, they valued nothing so precious as the contemplating the heavenly bodies; so being dead, to make their names live for ever amongst the stars. From hence it is that the fairest constellations of heaven, as Arcturus, Orion, Hercules, Castor, Pollux, Perseus, Chiron, and the like, still do retain their names: whereby their renown now shines more durable, in these celestial lamps, than it could by being engraven on the most sumptuous pyramid, mausoleum, triumphant arch, or other monument, made of frail earthly matter, and subject to tbe ruins of timer

Amongst the celestial phenomena of the starry orbs, those of eclipses rank in the first class. In the Prophetic Messenger of the former year, I have deduced an evidence of Christianity therefrom, and proved thereby, that Astrology and Theology are twin sciences; each capable of making mankind happier and better. The ancient records, were they consulted, would also lead to convincing instances of these facts, had we time to descant thereon. And it has been remarked by every wise ob* server of nature, that important changes follow such configurations ; which extend not only over kingdoms, states, and individuals, but also over the brute creation. A singular instance whereof is recorded by Peueer, in his " Tractate of Astrological Predictions/' where he . gives an authentic example of three dogs, " who were all whelped in the eclipse of the Moon/' " and which, after they were grown up, fulfilled the significations of the eclipse by their miserable death—one of them being torn asunder by hounds, another falling off from a high place, first broke his thigh, and the next time his neck ; the third was burnt !"

The eclipse, of which I now intend to decipher the omens, is that of the lesser luminary, the Moon, which takes place November 3rd, 1827, 5h. 7m. P. M. or afternoon, a correct view, of the theme of heaven, for which is given in the foregoing page.

u Full orb'd, The Moon, rising in clouded majesty, Is now all over blood.

A setting crimson stains her beauteous face ; A vast eclipse darkens the laboring planet."


In the horoscope of the hour, the 23rd degree of the celestial Bull is oriental ; and the mischievous fixed star, Caput Algol, or Medusa's Gorgon-Head, is unluckily located near the cusp of the House of Life. The Moon is just arising in Taurus, opposed to Venus, from signs of a fixed nature, and singular power. The Sun and Venus being configurated in the constellation of the Scorpion.—Supreme in the middle heaven, the Georgian planet Herschel, is gloomily beheld by a malicious aspect of Saturn, the lord of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses, who, by retrograde motion, approaches a radical trine of Venus, the reigning star, and ruler of the ascendant. Jupiter and Mars are each found in the sixth mansion, in the Autumnal Equinox ; the latter in amicable reception with his dispositor, from swift and moveable constellations, containing particular groups of eminent fixed stars; Mercury," the swift messenger of heaven/' being angular, and beholding Mars by amicable rays, while no less than five planets are under the earth!

" Behold 1 the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.

" For the stars of heaven, and the constellation thereof, shall not give their light: the Sun shall be darkened in his going forth, and the Moon shall not cause hcfr light to shine."—isaiah, xiii. 9, 10.

The Astral omens of this celestial horoscope are very portentous and lasting in effect; they afford matter of serious contemplation to every " nation of the earth," especially as it takes place in a fixed and determined sign, and under baleful constellations. On the continent, and more particularly in those countries where the eclipse governs, the hostile rays of the warring orbs will be severely felt. Those are the Russian and Turkish empires ; great part of Persia, Germany, Holland, Rome, Italy, and the Netherlands; the South American States, the American Republic, and also India or China. In some of these countries there will be fearful mortality, civil commotions, insurrections, decay of trade, and oppression of the common people, by tyrannical rulers; numerous outrages, or fearful murders, assassinations, and many unheard of crimes. The Austrian monarchy has a share of the evil, in various ways. The coffers of the continental governments are emptied and drained of wealth. The cities of Tunis, Algiers, Constantinople, Moscow, Petersburgh, Berlin, Madrid, Vienna, Mexico, New York, and Philadelphia, are subservient to the hostile decrees of fate. Death seems busy with his dart, even in the imperial palaces ! An Empress, or princely matron, and an unusual number of the fair sex, will stoop to fate.* The grim tyrant will make sad havoc among the high, and the warlike, and the mighty ; and many a splendid mansion, many a royal structure, will be turned into mourning. The configurations

* These predictions were published in October 1827- The Empress of Saxony Is since dead!

will causé malevolent effects in Spain/the country of anarchy; and not even the Bourbon government can expect to escape fromharm. Even nearer home, both in our own country and in Ireland, will the shock of evil aspects be conspicuously perceived. The Catholic mitre, the Episcopal chair, the Dissenting pulpit, each are warned of evil. A sudden event causes much alarm to a distinguished European state; an appeal will be made " to the Wooden walls of England ;" but the omens are singularly favourable for any enterprise in which the gallant naval heroes of Britain are concerned.* Crafty incendiaries in the " Emerald isle," are completely foiled in their endeavours to instigate the peasant, and urge him to deeds of revenge; yet in that country some treacherous scheme is planned, or partially executed, which will bring down vengeance on the head of the wicked designer; priestly artifice meets also with its deserts. From the position of Hörschel, I fear many failures will take place in public buildings, edifices, and national works of importance. Certainly the greatest genius in the known world will die under the effects of this eclipse, and one state in particular will, like a ftirnace boiling with wrath, become both the terror and warning of despotic nations. The winding sheet will also deck the banners of a great military hero; another, high in rank, but not in prowess, descends the steps of that mansion from which none return ; and not even the elegance of the bar, the senate, or the classie academical chair, can frustrate the powerful mandate of him who was never yet known to turn from his purpose.—I foresee extraordinary deceit and hypocrisy in religion; atheism advancing rapidly, and crimes increasing fearfully. I see kings but as dust, and the renowned as the chaff in the field. Great part of the continent will suffer by 6torm and tempest, or inundations. The fruits of the earth will fail, and even the brute creation will suffer unconscious of the cause. In the new world, I perceive states as if rising and falling with the passing breeze; in the

• The buttle of Navarino has been since announced !

old world, sickness, death, crimes, and commotions. Even on the shores of Britain, may the blast of preparation for war be sounded; and on the continent, as well as the Turkish empire, some great crisis is at hand! Let Europe beware; for there are few nations which will not feel, and that most bitterly, the effects of the Moon eclipsed in Taurus, afflicted by the evil rays of Caput Algol!"

P. Messenger 1828.

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