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OR THE ART OF FORETELLING FUTURE EVENTS, By the influences of the Heavenly Bodies.


1. An historical narration of the antiquity and verity of Astrology. 1 Elementary Principles or the Sci-' ence ; comprising a complete system of the Universe according to modern Astronomers. 8. The Natures of the Twelve Signs, the Houses of Heaven, tbe Planetary Orbs, the Fixed Stars, &c. &c.

4. Tbe art of casting a Figure or Theme of Heaven, or Scheme of Nativity, for any time whatever, by Perpetual Tables.

5. Requisite descriptions of tbe Zodiacal and Mundane Aspects.

6. The Doctrine op Nativities ; with select experimental Rules, for foreseeing each particular event, from tbe cradle of infancy to tbe tomb of age.

7. The method of working Celestial Directions, both in tbe zodiac and in mundo.

8. Tbe art of foreknowing the chief events of life by Celestial Pebiods ; a new and important discovery. Also tbe theory of Progressive Directions.

9. A number of remarkable Horoscopes, evincing the power of the Stars in Life and Death.

10. The art of resolving every important question in the affairs of human life, by the science of Horary Astrology; with the Horoscope of London Bridge, &c. &c.

11. Tbe theory of State Astrology ; or the method used by Astrologers in foretelling the fates of Kingdoms, Thrones, and Empires, exemplified by a prophetic glance at the late Lunar Eclipse.

12. An highly curious extract from an Original Manuscript i communicated by a valuable correspondent, relative to the mystic signatures of the Seven Planets.

The viole illustrated and exemplified by Diagram various important and appropriate , \ and

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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