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By the foregoing Perpetual tables.

44 Well, rest be with him ! he instilled into me enough of knowledge for electing a scheme of nativity, and therefore I will presently go about it. So saying, and having noted the positions of the principal planetary bodies, Guy Mannering returned to the house.**

Author or Wavesly.

The theme, or figure of the heavens, (which like a celestial map £ives at one view the ascending1, descending-, and culminating constellations,) maybe erected four different ways; viz. by a celestial globe, by the zodiacal planisphere, by trigonometrical calculations, or by" Tables of Houses{' calculated for the pole or latitude of birth. These are perpetual ; and the latter method, which uses these tables, being by far the most easy of the whole, (especially to those who dislike laborious calculations,) we shall adopt it in the present instance.

The Astronomical day begins at noon; and hence, it must be remembered that when a figure is cast for any given time, the hours and minutes must be accounted from the noon preceding the birth ; thus, were a figure of the heavens to be calculated for 8 o'clock in the morning, the true way of expressing it Astrologically, would be 20 hours P. M. or after noon, accounting from the noon of the preceding day ; and thus in all other cases, or schemes of the like nature whatever.

In cfestfrig (or erecting) a figure of the heavens, which is also termed n a horoscopethe first thing to be done, is to find the right dscension of the Sun, in hours and minutes, for the noon of thert day on which it is erected. This in eases of great correctness must be done by referring to an Ephemeris, of which White's is the best, for that year, wherein the Sun's trtoe longitudinal place in the zodiac is found in the second column, headedO'* longitudeand by referring to the " Tables of Houses" in that column, which has marked over the top the Sun in the same sign, as found in the Ephemeris ; in the column to the left hand side, headed " time from noon," will be found a certain number of hours and minutes, which invariably are to be added to the hour aad minute of the day for which the figure is erected. When the result exceeds twenty-four hours, that number is to be subtracted therefrom; and with the remainder again seek in the column of the Tables of Houses, headed " time from noon/' wherein having found the number you sought, (or the nearest to it,) cm a line with that number will be found the degrees and minutes of the celestial signs, that should occupy the first six houses of heaven; namely, the 1st, tad, 8rd, 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. The opposite houses to these (which are always the same) are,








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