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veiled over the greater part of Europe, Asia, and Africa—who by his exertions, aided by good fortune alone, has arisen (from humble origin) to occupy many distinguished stations, and to have many eminent friends. The student will perceive the fortunate position of the © in SI the sign of his greatest fortitude, with 1£I and $ also angular, near to the zenith g being in close ^ to $ ; this latter position has caused him to excel in the study of the languages, whereby he became a self-taught interpreter to the Duke of Devonshire and Sir George Nayler at the late coronation in Moscow.—The ]) in the moveable sign s in the ninth house is a noted sign of travelling and voyages.—This nativity predicts both titular and lasting honors.


The nativity of the above gentleman is inserted, on account of the strange eventfulness of his life.—He was born to all appearance dead; once nearly drowned; (being brought up senseless) he has fought two duels, and been shot through both thighs, with many other narrow escapes from death.—He is a gentleman of fortune; but singularly unhappy in marriage. The Astrological causes of this strange variety of incidents are plainly perceptible, when we look at the circumstance of T? O ? &nd 5 i being in the angle of the west, opposed to the D and 1£[ ; and from the hurtful signs n and f > which as we have before observed, give danger through gun-shot wounds, and imminent danger of a violent death in whatever horoscope they may occur.


&&tMtv of a ^ertfott í»!)0 Bit* Unáane»

The above nativity is inserted chiefly to prove the truth of the directions by Celestial Periods. At 22 years 228 days after birth F? arrives at 13° 51' n. the exact place of the © ; and the J in 10° of irp, within 4° of T?. The nativity was cast by a pupil of the author's (when the native was tveil in health, and to all appearance long-lived) who under his guidance calculated the direction of death, the ascendant to the □ of being the fatal arc; with the above periodical rays, and predicted her approaching dissolution.—The signs of insanity are the g of ]) J a°d □ of each to 1$, from s ^ and W,and the □ of © ^ from itj and n. These never fail to produce such unfortunate catastrophes. The above horoscope exhibits a singular and luminous instance of Astral agency.


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