Decoding Variant A4

in the solution and on the zodiac are the same. The invisible planets, because of their proximity to the Sun, are listed in brackets.

The year before our era are counted using the astronomical (and not historical) convention, i.e. for example the year -244 denotes the year 245 B.C.

All the dates, including those after the year 1582, are listed according to Julian calendar (i.e. following the astronomical computations. On the other hand, the conversion of the Julian dates after the year 1582 to Gregorian dates is not complicated. Notice that before the year 1582, the dates in both styles coincide.

We also use the abbreviation "MD" to denote the "mean discrepancy from the best points" (see section 6.11 for more details). In the case of the Lower Athribis zodiac, the mean discrepancy is evaluated as the average differences between the positions of planets and their best points, including the planets which are located under Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. We considered the following best points: for the planet #3 — 9.5, for the Sun — 10.0; for Venus — 10.5; for Mercury — 11.0.

Based on the results shown in the above table, we can conclude that for the decoding variant A1, there is not even one pair of admissible dates for the Athribis zodiac, under the weaken decoding requirements.

The decoding variant A2, under the weaken decoding requirements, did not produce any new pair of solutions. The pair of dates: year 408 and year 448, were already investigated in Chapter 8. Let us recall that this pair was rejected because the planetary positions on the Upper zodiac did not agree with this solution and, on the Lower zodiac, the requirements related to the partial horoscope of the summer solstice were not satisfied.

As it is clear from the above table that for the decoding variant A3 of the Athribis zodiacs, there is not even one pair of admissible solutions. Notice that the differences between the dates of the Lower and Upper zodiacs exceeds 150 years.

A Appendix 4: List of the Solutions for the Athribis Zodiacs under the Weaker Requirements DECODING VARIANT A5 DECODING VARIANT A6

Upper Athribis Zodiac Code of Data: AVE

Lower Athribis Zodiac Code of Data: ANS

May 15-16, year 1230

January 24-25, year -440

MD = 13° Mars Venus Sun Mercury

January 13-15, year 177 MD = 14° Mars (Mercury Sun) Venus

February 10-11, year 177

February 7-8, year 237 MD = 13° Mars Sun Venus Mercury *

February 1-3, year 414 MD = 11° Venus Mars Sun Mercury January 18-20, year 1091

February 14-16, year 1091

MD = 16° Mars Sun Mercury Venus

February 9-10, year 1268

February 6-8, year 1328

MD = 12° Mars Sun Venus Mercury

Upper Athribis Zodiac

Lower Athribis Zodiac

Code of Data: AVF

Code of Data: ANT

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