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8.4 Two Zodiacs from the Petosiris Tomb 303

8.4.1 Story of the Discovery and Analysis of the Petosiris Zodiacs. 305

8.4.2 General Description of the Petosiris Tomb and Its Zodiacs 306

8.4.3 Planetary Symbols on the Petosiris Zodiacs 312

8.4.4 Constellations Symbols. Equinoctial Break on the Zodiac (P2) 316

8.4.5 Constellations Figures on the Inner Petosiris Zodiac P2 317

8.4.6 The Main Horoscope on the Inner Zodiac (P2) 318

8.4.7 Symbols of Equinoxes, Solstices, Partial Horoscopes and Supplementary Scenes on the Petosiris Zodiac (P2) 325

8.4.8 Astronomical Solutions for the Inner Petosiris Zodiac (P2) 326

8.4.9 Constellations and Planetary Figures on the Outer Petosiris Zodiac P1 . . . . 330

8.4.10 The Main Horoscope and the Supplementary Scenes on the Outer Zodiac (P1) 331

8.4.11 Astronomically Possible Dates for the Zodiac P1 332

8.4.12 Astronomical Dating of the Pair of the Zodiacs (P1) and (P2) 333

8.4.13 Dating of the Petosiris Zodiac Under Weaker Requirements 334

8.4.14 Conclusions 337

8.5 Dating of the Zodiac from the Tomb of Ramses VI 337

8.5.1 The Tomb of Ramses VI and Its Zodiac 337

8.5.2 Zodiacal Constellations Symbols on the Zodiac (RS) 338

8.5.3 Planets in the Main Horoscope on the Ramses VI Zodiac 342

8.5.4 Main Horoscope on the Ramses VI Zodiac 344

8.5.5 Final Solution for the Ramses VI Zodiac 345

9 Summary of the Astronomical Dating of the Egyptian Zodiacs 347

9.1 General Picture of the Dates on the Egyptian Zodiacs 348

9.2 Stability of the Obtained Dates 350

9.3 Unsolved Problems Related to the Dating of the Egyptian Zodiacs 351

9.4 Astronomical Dating of the Sumerian Tablets 351

Appendix 1: Description of the Program HOROS 355

Appendix 2: Input Data for the Variants of Decoding Leading to Final Solutions 359

Appendix 3: Julian Numbers and the Dates of Equinoxes and Solstices 383

Appendix 4: List of the Solutions for the Athribis Zodiacs under the Weaker Requirements 385

Chapter 1

The Problems of Historical Chronology

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