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horoscope involving few planets. Consequently, such an astronomical picture becomes an important additional information for the zodiac dating.

It is clear that more information we have, better are the chances to obtain fewer admissible dates. In fact, if there is sufficiently large amount of additional information, it is possible that a unique and complete solution could be selected leading to reliable date for the zodiac. A planet which can provide us with particularly valuable information is Mars. Contrary to the planets Jupiter and Saturn, which move relatively slowly and during the whole year their positions do not change much, Mars is moving comparatively fast and its location on the main horoscope can be very different from its locations on the solstice and equinox days. It makes Mars a very important planet with significant impact on the astronomical dating.

One can ask a question: how it was possible for Egyptian astronomers and artists to avoid confusion between the planetary symbols of the main horoscope, i.e. the horoscope encoding the date for which the whole zodiac was created, and the partial horoscopes associated with the solstice and equinox points? In this book we provide an answer supported by many examples. In fact, the zodiacs were indeed designed very carefully to clearly separate the symbols of the main horoscope from those of the partial horoscopes.

Of course, one can wonder why all these facts about partial horoscopes on Egyptian zodiacs were not discovered in the earlier studies of Egyptian zodiacs. For example, even N.A. Morozov with his deep expertise in ancient astronomy was not able to recognize their existence. Let us emphasize that our claims are based on more substantial grounds than just an idea or impression. In fact, any kind of an explanation or a possible variant for interpretation of symbolism on Egyptian zodiacs, should be verified based on the whole information available. Only after conducting elaborated computations and careful verifications such a choice can be made. Without massive astronomical calculations it is almost impossible, just by looking at the zodiac, to understand their underlying structure. In order to make these tasks possible, it is necessary to use advanced computational technology, which became only widely available in recent years. There were no computers in the time of Morozov and the amount of computations needed even for decoding of just one variant for a zodiac required several months of hard work. We must acknowledge that N.A. Morozov was aware of some elements of partial horoscopes but he didn't give them a serious consideration. In this way, he remained unaware of the whole zodiac's structure2.

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