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In order to find all possible dates that could be indicated on the Egyptian zodiacs, we have carried the astronomical computations in the extended time interval, from 500 B.C. till 1800 A.D. However, this approach led to some new serious problems. By considering such a long time interval, we allow many of the horoscopes to repeat. Consequently, even in the case of an unquestionable decoding of a horoscope we will in general have to deal with its several possible dates. Which of these dates is correct and what are the criteria for choosing the right solution? In fact, decoding of the Egyptian horoscopes can be tricky because of the ambiguities related to the positions of some planets. For example, an unusual symbol may be used to indicate a planet, or its position may not be completely clear from the picture. Sometimes, parts of a zodiac are lost, damaged or are in very poor condition. For some zodiacs with extremely complicated design or large number of unusual symbols, it is necessary to consider all possible variants of planetary identifications. Consequently, in some cases, depending on the chosen variants of decodings, dozens of possible horoscopes have to been investigated. In such cases, there may be hundreds of dates obtained. Even, for the zodiacs with clear and definite meaning of its symbols, there can still be two or more variants of horoscopes possible. Therefore, it is important to look for additional astronomical information in the zodiac, and use it to select the correct date. Fortunately, such information is available and will be discussed in this book. We should emphasize that none of the previous investigators realized the existence of this information, so their results can not be treated as final.

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