852 Zodiacal Constellations Symbols on the Zodiac RS

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We will discuss in this subsection the Lower Part of the zodiac (RS) only, which contains sufficient information needed for the decoding of the Ramses VI zodiac (RS). The Upper Part of the zodiac, does not contain any element of the main horoscope. Moreover, it seems that on the zodiac (RS) there are no partial horoscopes present as well, or we were simply not able to identify them.

In order to explain the structure of the zodiac (RS), let us point out that the Lower Part of the zodiac is divided into 12 sectors,which are separated by vertical "lines." It comes immediately to mind that we have here a symbolic representation of the ecliptic divided into 12 zodiacal constellations. All these constellations are shown as the vertical sectors in the Lower Part of the zodiac (RS). Of course, we need to recognize for each zodiacal constellation, what is the corresponding sector on the zodiac. Since we do not find here even one usual symbol of a zodiacal constellation, which was used on the other Egyptian zodiac, it is not a trivial problem. Nevertheless, it is possible to give an answer to this question. In fact, there is only one way the constellations on the Ramses VI zodiac can be recognized.

Notice that in the first 11 sectors of the zodiac, beginning from the head of the goddess Nut, all the figures are arranged in sequences indicating the same common direction. In each of these sector there is a large boat. However, the 12th sector, which is the sector right next to the goddess' Nut

Figure 8.32: The Lower Part of the Ramses VI zodiac containing the main horoscope. The zodiac was cut in the middle to fit better this page. (The picture was taken from [176])

legs, is different. Instead of one large boat, there are two small boats in vertical positions — contrary to the boats in the other 11 sectors, which are shown horizontally (see Figure 8.32). These 11 boats are most probably the symbols of the zodiacal constellations, and since the 12th sector contains two identical boats, it comes to mind that it could be Gemini. Of course, we would like to have a confirmation for this identification of Gimini. Notice that in the 12th sector, under the symbols of two boats, there are two human figures holding hands. There is also a disc resting on their hands. It is not hard to see that this is a typical symbol of Gemini, which is in fact very similar to the figure of Gemini on the Long Denderah zodiac (See Figures 5.5 and 5.2). On the other hand, above the boats there is a typical symbol of the summer solstice — the Sun on the pole. We have seen similar symbols on other Egyptian zodiacs. For example, on the Denderah zodiacs, there was a bird sitting

Figure 8.33: The left hand side of the Lower Part of the Ramses VI zodiac containing the main horoscope. In this part there are shown all the planets of the main horoscope. (The picture was taken from [176])

on a pole (see section 5.8.4). Here, the Sun is symbolized by a beetle sitting on the pole18, which can be interpreted as the point of the heighest elevation of the Sun. It is clear that it has to be the summer solstice point.

As we have already explained in Chapter 5, on the Egyptian zodiacs, the summer solstice was always shown in Gemini. Consequently, the last sector of the zodiac could be indeed Gemini, which implies that the other 11 sectors should symbolize the remaining 11 zodiacal constellations. There are more arguments in support of this claim.

Let us continue our analysis of the Ramses VI zodiac. If Gemini is indeed the last sector on the right, then there are exactly two possible ways all the remaining 11 constellation can be identified. In fact, the sector preceding it should correspond to neighboring with Gemini constellation, which in this case would be Taurus or Cancer. Consequently, there are exactly two variants of identification that can be applied here. In order to obtain a definite and unique identification, we need to recognize one more constellation on the zodiac (RS). Notice that in the same time we will also obtain a confirmation of the correctness of the identification of Gemini in the far right sector on the zodiac.

It turns out that this task can be Figure 8.34: Symbols of the zodiacal constellations on the achieved. In fact, all the information Ramses VI zodiac (RS). we need for this analysis, was already obtained in the case of the Small Esna zodiac (EM) (see subsection 7.5). Noticed, on the Small Esna zodiac, the kneeling beheaded figures (see right Aquarian bracket on Figures 7.43 and 7.42). These were the symbols associated with Aquarius. Exactly the same symbols we find on the Ramses VI zodiac, in its Lower Part (see Figure 8.33). These figures are located at the bottom of the forth from the left sector of the zodiac (RS). Therefore, it would be either the forth or eight constellation from Gemini, which was recognized earlier. But this is exactly how the constellations of Gemini and Aquarius are placed on the real sky, and we can consider this as a confirmation of our identification.

Consequently, we have obtained the following unique identification of the zodiacal constellations on the Ramses VI zodiac:

(1) The boats on the zodiac (RS) symbolize the twelve zodiacal constellations,

(2) In the 12th sector, the constellation of Gemini is symbolized by a pair of identical boats and two human figures holding hands (see Figure 8.32),

(3) The boat in the forth sector from the left symbolizes the constellation of Aquarius.

Based on the above identification, we can recognize in a unique way all the remaining zodiacal constellations symbolized on this remarkable Egyptian zodiac. Let us point out, that we are not aware of any earlier research devoted to decoding of the astronomical symbolizm on the Ramses VI zodiac. The astronomical symbolizm of the Ramses VI zodiac is new to us. On Figure 8.34, we show the symbols related to the zodiacal constellations. Let us shortly describe their main featutes:

Taurus — there are three hieroglyphs in the upper left corner of the Taurus area (see Figure 8.34), which look like human figures about to "lay down on a bed." There are also nine hieroglyphs — "laying dead bodies," and six walking figures.

Aries — there are three hieroglyphs in the upper left corner of this Figure 8.35: Symbols of Venus and Mercury in the sector of area, shown as human figures "get-Aquarius on the Ramses VI zodiac (RS). A non-planetary ting up from a bed," below them there figure is shown in Capricorn. are three figures "sitting on beds,"

and three dead bodies. In the upper right corner, there are three figures-hieroglyphs, "braiding their hair."

Pisces — there are six hieroglyphs composed of "beheaded sitting figures," which are located in the upper left corner of this area (these figures shouldn't be mistaken for symbols of Aquarius — they are sitting instead of kneeling), then there are nine figures-hieroglyphs "braiding their hair," and finally, a large hieroglyph in a shape of a "trident."

Aquarius — on the left there are four "kneeling figures," one of them is beheaded, which is a familiar symbol associated with Aquarius. In the lower right corner, there are two more "kneeling beheaded figures." Further to the left, there are three hieroglyphs represented by three "bended forward" male figures, about "being beheaded." Finally, there are nine, looking like Sphinx, figures laying on beds, and three figures "sitting in the air" (in the top right corner).

On Figure 8.34 we also show the representations of the other constellations from the zodiac (RS), including Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, Gemini, Cancer, Leo and Virgo, which are simply indicated by the numbers shown in the bottom of the zodiac. These numbers, which specify the position with respect to Aries, are the four identical figures for Cancer, five for Leo and six for Virgo.

It turns out that there is sufficient information on the Ramses VI zodiac to decode its main horoscope.

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