851 The Tomb of Ramses VI and Its Zodiac

The tomb of Ramses VI is located in the Valley of the Kings. Right in the middle of this valley there is an isolated rocky hill looking by coincidence like a mound constructed over a burial site. Inside this hill, there were several tombs hewn in the rock, among them — the tomb of Ramses VI. In Chapter 7, on Figure 7.2, we included a photograph of this site and on Figure 7.3 we showed the entrance to the tomb of Ramses VI.

It is believed that the tomb of Ramses VI was already well-known during the "ancient" times, and it was attracting many visitors16. However, this tomb was excavated again in the year 1888 —

Figure 8.30: The burial chamber in the tomb of Ramses VI with the zodiac on the ceiling.

¿J III] Antechamber

_ Burial chamber with a zodiac on its ceiling

Figure 8.31: Plan of the tomb of Ramses VI located in the Valley of the Kings. (The picture was taken from [175])

its chambers were blocked by rubble and rock debris. Presently, for some reasons this tomb is closed for visitors. On Figure 8.31 we show the plan of this magnificent tomb.

It is assumed that initially this tomb was designated for the previous Pharaoh Ramses V, who eventually was buried there. Later the tomb was expanded and Ramses VI was also buried there as well17. In this tomb, there was discovered one of the most impressive Egyptian zodiacs, which was painted on the ceiling of the burial chamber right above the sarcophagus of the pharaoh. A color photograph of this zodiac was shown on 2.36. A general view of the burial chamber inside the Ramses VI tomb, with the zodiac on its ceiling, is shown on Figure 8.30, and the zodiac itself on Figure 8.32. Let us recall that we denote this zodiac by the symbol (RS) and we will simply call it the Ramses VI zodiac.

As we are going to explain in this section, the Ramses VI zodiac (RS) contains a main hororoscope, which can be decoded and dated astronomically. The horoscope is showed in the part of the zodiac, which is presented on Figure 8.32. We will call it the Lower Part of the zodiac. Inside the Lower Part, in the left half, which is shown on Figure 8.33, one can find symbols of almost all the planets from the main horoscope, except the Moon, which is indicated in the right half of the Lower Part. In fact, the Sun and Moon on the Ramses VI zodiac are indicated by colors only.

Let us present the details of the analysis of the zodiac (RS).

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