836 Conclusion the Date Encoded in the Color Zodiac was September 58 1182 AD

In this way we are in the position to make a claim that the "ancient" Egyptians encoded on the Color Thebes zodiac the date: September 5-8, 1182 A.D. Notice that this date falls into the same epoch as the dates shown on the Denderah zodiacs. In fact, this date is right in-between the dates of the Long and the Round Denderah zodiacs.

The following question arises: what important oc-curences of the 12th century are reflected in these remains of the Egyptian tradition. Possibly, at that time some significant events took place. Since they were commemorated on the ceilings of large Egyptian temples, these events could be of religious nature. Still, the dates, which were decoded from the zodiacs, could be much older than the with the situation shown on the zodiac.

Figure 8.13: Planets around the Sun in the morning on September 6, 1182 AD.

actual zodiacs. Consequently, the "ancient" authors of these zodiac could made their creations not earlier than at the end of the 12th century, but the most probably, even much later.

By the way, our solution for the Thebes zodiac coincides with one important Christian holiday — Nativity of the Virgin Mary. This festival is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on September 8, according to Julian calendar. It is possible that it is just a coincidence, but in this royal tomb, which was located in the Valley of the Kings, could be commemorated a Christian festival. After seeing so many revelations about the "ancient" Egypt, this is not so strange.

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