73 Decoding the Date from the Round Denderah Zodiac

In this section we will calculate the date represented on the Round Denderah zodiac. Recall, that the Round and Long zodiacs were discovered in the same temple in Denderah.

In Chapter 2 we presented several pictures of the Round Denderah zodiac (see Figures 2.4-2.7), but here we will need a more detailed picture of the central part (the main area of the zodiac) showing the zodiacal constellations and the horoscope (see Figure 7.20). This drawing, which was taken from [10], was made based on the actual photograph of the Round zodiac. We will implicitly refer to this picture throughout all the discussion in this section.

In our investigation we have also used a set of photographs of the original Round Denderah zodiac taken by Prof. Y.V. Tatarinov in Louvre (France). Comparison of the photos with the drawing on Figure 7.20, led us to the conclusion that this drawing is very precise in all aspects, including the exact location and configuration of all the symbols, what is very important for the correctness of the decoding of the Round zodiac. Contrary to the Long zodiac, the figures here are not arranged in processions, but they are organized in two-dimensional formations, where any small detail may turn out to express some important astronomical information.

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The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

The Illustrated Key To The Tarot

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