595 Meeting of Saturn and Mars on the Long Denderah Zodiac

On the Long Denderah zodiac, next to the beheading scene, there is a figure of Mars with a planetary walking stick standing on a goose preceded by Saturn in the main horoscope — a figure with a planetary stick and a crescent on its head (see Figure 5.82). Clearly, the goose is here a pull-out symbol indicating that Mars appears here not in the main horoscope. On the other hand, a goose appears as an attribute of Mars on several Egyptian zodiacs, so using it as a pull-out symbol for Mars seems to be logical. It is the most probable that this combination of symbols refers to a meeting of Mars and Saturn that took place some time during that year. But this information is not very useful for the dating purposes. In fact, because Saturn moves very slowly, while Mars is moving relatively fast, such meeting occurs every year and it is always near the location of Saturn on the main date (whenever it was). Nevertheless, in order to assure the correctness of the dating process, it is important to understand all the symbols, in particular, the planetary symbols appearing on the Egyptian zodiacs, even if they do not produce any new information.

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