592 Bird Sun on the Long Denderah Zodiac

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On the Long Denderah zodiac one can see the same bird appearing in several different places, which look like short stops on its way along the zodiac. The bird symbolizes the Sun moving around the zodiac during its yearly itinerary. There are six such places:

1. Right above the second decan in Virgo (see Figure 5.58) in a partial horoscope of the autumn equinox. Here, the bird indicates the location of the partial horoscope as well as the moment when the Sun passed the autumn equinox point.

2. Between Scorpio and Sagittarius next to the figure of a wolf standing on a scythe (see Figures 3.6, 5.21 and 5.9). We will discuss this symbol in subsection 5.9.6. Here, the bird wears a high hat.

3. On the top of the wing of Sagittarius. Here, it indicates the Sun passing through the winter solstice point (see Figures 3.6, 5.21 and 5.9).

Figure 5.79: Egyptian painting of the resurrection of Osiris with two eyes above his head. (Taken from [111], p. 168)

4. Right above the first decan of Sagittarius, which precedes the scene of slaughter of a bull with one leg (see Figures 3.6, 5.21 and 5.9). Here, the bird with horns is again a part of the partial horoscope of winter solstice, this time indicating the presence of some elements of this horoscope in Capricorn.

5. Right behind Venus on the head of one of two animals sitting back to back. Here, it also wears a tall hat. According to Morozov these two animals symbolize two twilights (the sunrise and sunset). This symbol appears near Venus, which is morning/evening planet, on both Denderah zodiacs. In this case the bird-sun is a part of this symbol.

6. On the top of a column following the constellation of Gemini. Here, it is a part of the summer solstice symbol (see Figure 4.2) and clearly indicates the passage of the Sun through the summer solstice point.

One can ask a question why there is no such bird near the spring equinox point, which is one of the main points on the ecliptic in the ancient as well as in modern astronomy. Notice that there is already a big circle symbolizing the Sun at this location (see Chapter 7).

Figure 5.80: A figure of two hack-to-hack animals on the Long (on thee left) and Round (on thee right) Denderah zodiacs.

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