582 Symbols of the Winter Solstice in Sagittarius

The symbols, which were used on the Egyptian zodiacs to denote the winter solstice are shown on Figure 5.67. They are always located in vicinity of Sagittarius. Let us list them:

(1) On almost all the Egyptian zodiacs the figure of Sagittarius incorporates symbolism of the minimal partial horoscope of winter solstice. This is a complex figure including a centaur (the symbol of Sagittarius) and also the signs of the Sun, Mercury and Venus. We illustrate this astronomical hieroglyph on Figure 5.68.

Notice that Sagittarius on some Egyptian zodiacs is shooting an arrow using the so called composite recurved bow, which was in common use in middle ages. According to history of weapons, the composite bow was invented in the 11th century. It was more powerful than a simple bow but much more complicated to produce. Its advantage was that it could be engineered to essentially any desired strength. Its characteristic shape is easy to recognize — the bow is curved away from the archer (see Figure 5.69).

We would like to indicate that all the astronomical dates obtained by us for the Egyptian zodiacs are later than the eleventh century, which is exactly the period of the common use of the recurved composite bows. According to the conventional chronology, which places the Egyptian zodiacs thousands years earlier, the presence of the composite bows on these zodiacs creates a strange situation in which historians must acknowledge their invention thousand years before their common usage by military. For a weapon, which was a very practical object, such disappearance sounds highly suspicious.

(2) A cobra with upright fore body on a podium — see Figure 5.67 (EB). Such symbols were used for both the winter and summer solstice points. Sometimes instead of a cobra other symbols were placed on a podium. For example on the Round Denderah zodiac, there is a head of an animal with a disc over its head. However, if the podium is diagonally crossed out, or an animal on it has four heads, then it would be an equinox symbol. It is possible that Egyptian artists tried to associate with equinox points horizontally symmetric symbols and with solstice points figures manifesting vertical directions.

(3) A fantastic creature resembling a bull with wings — see Figure 5.67 (EM) and (BR). This animal is often portrayed with a lamb-head. Again, it's important that this animal has only one head. A four-headed animal would symbolize an equinox point. On the Small Esna zodiac (EM) such

Figure 5.68: Figure of Sagittarius with a minimal partial horoscope of winter solstice

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