553 Third Example Partial Horoscope of Summer Solstice on the Lower Athribis Zodiac

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On Figure 5.60, we show a fragment of the Lower Athribis zodiac around the constellations of Libra, Virgo, Cancer, Gemini and Taurus. On Figure 5.60, one can easy recognize all the figures representing these constellations, which we colored in red for more clarity. They form the upper row of symbols, under which one can see two birds (in yellow) representing planets in the main horoscope, and further below them, there is another row of symbols (in blue), which is the partial horoscope of summer solstice.

Let us notice that there is no partial horoscope of autumn equinox present on the Lower Athribis zodiac. It should be located under Virgo, but the whole space here is occupied by the symbols of the partial horoscope of summer solstice. In fact this is the only (nontrivial) partial horoscope on the both Athribis zodiacs (see Chapter 8 for more discussion).

Let us look carefully at the row of the blue figures. Many of them are already familiar to us. Starting from the left of the picture, we see a bull lying on a boat with a star between his horns, then, there is a male figure with a raised hand surrounded by five birds with human faces, two on one side and three on the other. The bull in the boat is a standard Egyptian symbol of the summer solstice. This symbol sometimes is shown accompanied by a female figure shooting an arrow over its head (see for example fragments of the zodiacs (DR) and (EM) on Figures 4.1 and 4.5). The man with a raised hand is also a standard Egyptian symbol of the summer solstice (see Figures 4.2 and 4.5). It symbolizes the Sun in its highest position. These two symbols always appear in a proximity of Gemini. On the Lower Athribis zodiac, the imaginary ground line, where the man with a raised hand stands on, passes exactly through the symbol of Gemini, so we can simply say, that he "stands" in Gemini. Consequently, these symbols are definitely related to the partial horoscope of the summer solstice.

Now, let us recognize the planetary symbols of this partial horoscope. It is not hard to find them. Recall that on the Athribis zodiacs, the planets are usually symbolized as birds, and indeed we see here five birds with human faces. This fact means that at the summer solstice, there were all five planets present near Gemini around the Sun. It could be possible that Venus or Mercury were shown

Figure 5.60: A fragment of the Lower Athribis zodiac with a partial horoscope of summer solstice. We marked the constellation figures in red, planets of the main horoscope in yellow and the partial horoscope in blue.

here not by one but by two birds, but it is very unlikely because in the main horoscope Venus is represented by one bird figure (Mercury in the main horoscope is not a bird — see Chapter 8). Let us say that these partial horoscope indeed appears to be very precise. The full solution computed for this zodiac ideally exhibits all the features of this picture. In particular, it turns out that at the summer solstice there were two planets ahead of the Sun (visible in the morning) and three other planets behind of it (Visible in the evening). This simply means that on the summer solstice day there were all five planets present near Gemini around the Sun.

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