552 Second Example Partial Horoscope of Winter Solstice on the Round Zodiac

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On Figure 5.59 we show a fragment of the Round Denderah zodiac around the symbol of Sagittarius.

Let us recall that on the Egyptian zodiacs, Sagittarius is the location for the partial horoscope of the winter solstice. Here, similarly as it is on other Egyptian zodiacs, the figure of Sagittarius has incorporated additional symbols of Mercury and Venus. They are shown by a two-faced head of Sagittarius. One face is human (Mercury) but another one is of a lioness (Venus). These is the standard Egyptian symbol of Sagittarius with a minimal partial horoscope incorporated in it. We will discuss this symbol in more details in Section 5.8. Notice that one half of the horse-tail of Sagittarius is standing up and on its top there is a goose, which on Egyptian zodiacs is associated with Mars. That means, Mars is present in this partial horoscope.

The presence of additional attributes incorporated into the figure of Sagittarius is indicated by a special Egyptian pull-out symbol, which is here a small boat under the front legs of Sagittarius. We will explain later in more detail, why the symbol of a boat or any other symbol, placed right under the feet of a figure, means that this figure was pulled-out (in time or in space) from its proper place. On the Egyptian zodiacs of the round type, where the symbols are arranged one under another, in order to avoid confusion only boats were used as pull-out symbols. In particular, if a pull-out symbol is an attribute of a planet, it means that this planetary symbol doesn't belong to the main horoscope. In the case of Sagittarius, the boat indicates that there is something here not belonging to the main horoscope.

Notice other figures located right above the Sagittarius symbol. One of these figures holds a planetary walking stick but it is does not belong to the main horoscope, because it is placed on a boat — a pull-out symbol. Two other figures do not have walking sticks — one of them holds a mace and another a whip, so they are not related to the main horoscope either. All these symbols are located in a proximity of Sagittarius, which means that they are related to the partial horoscope of winter solstice. The planetary symbols of this partial horoscope are:

1. A man with a mace in his hand denoting a male planet, i.e. it could be any planet except Venus.

2. A figure sitting in a chair on a boat with a big circle on its head holding a planetary walking stick. On the Egyptian zodiacs, the circle placed over a head always denotes the Sun, so this figure could symbolize either the Sun or a planet close to it. In the first case, the circle should be looked at as an integral part of the figure representing the Sun, and in the second case, it

Figure 5.59: Surrounding of the Sagittarius constellation with the partial horoscope of the winter solstice on the Round Denderah zodiac.

indicates that a certain planet represented by this figure was near the Sun. In our calculations the both variants were considered. It is not possible to be sure about the gender of this figure because it is in a sitting position (so we are not able to judge the size of its step) and the quality of the image is poor.

3 A small figure sitting on a chair with an animal under its feet. On the drawing shown on the left side in Figure 5.59, this animal looks like a dog but on the actual photograph, shown on the right, it resembles a lioness or a leopard. If it was a lioness, then it stands for Venus. But, the picture is unclear, so all the possible variants had to be taken into account.

Let us resume that in this partial horoscope there are the Sun and two or even three planets included. One of them is Mars.

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