551 First Example Partial Horoscope of Autumn Equinox on the Long Zodiac

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On Figure 5.58, we show a fragment of the Long Denderah zodiac around the Virgo constellation. Recall that Virgo is the place for a partial horoscope of the autumn equinox, and indeed such a partial horoscope can be found there.

In order to understand the astronomical symbolism shown on Figure 5.58, first of all we have to remember that on the Long Denderah zodiac every constellation is represented by three decans (see Section 5.2.1), one of each is the specific figure of the constellation, and two others are the female figures, which all look alike. The symbol of Virgo is a female figure holding a spike in her hand (see Figure 5.52) and the two decans are behind her (see Figure 5.21). In this way Virgo's symbol serves as her first decan. The partial horoscope of the autumn equinox is integrated into the second decan figure of Virgo, which on Figure 5.58 is shown enlarged. Immediately, one can notice that there is something different about this symbol. There are some planetary attributes incorporated and added here. The Sun is represented in a form of a bird near the girl-decan's head. Such figure of a bird indicates on the Long zodiac the places where the additional astronomical information related to the Sun and nearby planets was inserted.

The symbol of Venus and Moon can also be distinguished here. As it was already discussed in Section 5.4.6, one of the Egyptian attributes was a lioness. For example, Venus was often shown as a female figure with a lioness head. This is for example the case on the Round Denderah zodiac (see Figure 5.41). Notice that the head of the second girl-decan in Virgo is not human but animal, and could definitely be a lioness head. Moreover, the bird representing the Sun also has animal face similar to a lioness head (see the enlarged detail on Figure 5.58). Let us point out that among all the 24 girl-decans on the Long zodiac there are only two with modified appearance.

The another one is the girl-decan with a falcon head between Scorpio and Libra. Since we are going to discuss this topic later, let us simply indicate that this symbol also carries the planetary information. In this case it is for the partial horoscope of the winter solstice. Notice that the second girl-decan of Virgo actually looks the same except for the planetary stick. Of course, if there was a planetary stick in her hand, it would be definitely a figure of Venus from the main horoscope with its usual lioness attribute. However, by expressing this incomplete Venus-alike look, the Egyptian artist achieved the goal of showing Venus in the partial horoscope without creating confusion about the main horoscope. The same girl-decan has another attribute — a crescent placed on her head. She is the only decan with a crescent on her head, which can be recognized as the symbol of Moon in this partial horoscope.

To conclude this section, let us remark that there could be possibly another variant of decoding for this partial horoscope. On Figure 5.58, we have recognized the face of the second girl-decan as lioness, and consequently we deciphered this partial horoscope as: the Sun, Venus and Moon in Virgo. However, the drawing of the Long zodiac is not very precise and this face could also be recognized by someone as a bull-face. In this case the decoding of the partial horoscope of the autumn equinox would be completely different. On many Egyptian zodiacs, including Denderah zodiacs, the bullhead with a crescent symbolizes Saturn (see Figure 5.27), so in this case it would be the symbol of Saturn (instead of Venus and Moon). Venus, which is usually present in the partial horoscopes

Zodiaque Denderah
Figure 5.58: Partial horoscope of the autumn equinox on the Long Denderah zodiac.

because it is never too far from the Sun, still could be recognized here as the lioness head of the bird representing the Sun. In principle, this decoding is also good, however, it is not possible, because it contradicts the location of Saturn in the main horoscope. As the matter of fact, the motion of Saturn is so slow that during the whole year it usually resides in one constellation only. But Saturn in the main horoscope is in between Aquarius and Capricorn, which is much too far to be in Virgo within one year. Consequently, it makes no sense to even consider such a variant, because no solution could ever be found for it.

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