547 Mercury in the Main Horoscope

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On Figure 5.45, we show the representations of Mercury in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. The representation of Mercury on the Inner Petosiris zodiac (P2) is given on Figure 5.46. Unfortunately, Mercury on the Outer Petosiris zodiac was badly damaged (see Chapter 8). As before, there are three different representations of Mercury shown on Figure 5.45 (BR), which correspond to three main horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac. In the Demotic Horoscope on this zodiac, Mercury's name was inscribed in demotic between Scorpio and Libra (see Figure 5.45 (BR)). Henry Brugsch deciphered it as "Sebek" and translated it as Mercury.

As we already explained it earlier, Mercury was often represented in a form of a male figure with a double face. This is the case of the Denderah, Athribis and Petosiris zodiacs (see Figures 5.45 and 5.46). However, on some Egyptian zodiacs there is no two-faced planetary symbol at all, and Mercury in such cases is represented by a male figure with one face. Usually, it is a human face, but sometimes it could be a face of a animal, for example a jackal face. We already mentioned that some planetary figures with jackal's or ibis' head can symbolize Saturn as well as Mercury, so these two possibilities should always be considered. On the Color Thebes zodiac (OU), Mercury and Saturn are shown by two figures standing together, one with jackal's and another one with ibis' heads. In this situation we are not able to definitely determine which one of these figures represents Mercury, so on Figure 5.45 (OU) we marked with a solid arrow the most probable variant for Mercury (a figure with a jackal head) and also another variant with a dashed arrow annotated with a question mark.

In our investigation we have adopted a principle that if on a zodiac there is a double-faced male planetary figure, it is Mercury (see the discussion in subsection 5.4.6).


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