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On Figure 5.36, we show the representations of Jupiter in the main horoscope on different Egyptian zodiacs. We use the same convention as in the case of Saturn, namely, we mark with shaded labels those zodiacs where it was not possible to identify the symbol of Jupiter during the first stage (prior to calculations) and the identification was obtained only after the calculations. For the same reason as for Saturn, on Figure 5.36 the symbols representing Jupiter on the Petosiris zodiacs, as they are of different type, are not included. We will discuss them later in this chapter.

Let us remind that there are three main horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac, so there are also three representations of Jupiter indicated for the zodiac (BR) of Figure 5.36.

First, let us discuss the representation of Jupiter on the Denderah zodiacs. Above the figure of Jupiter, on the both zodiacs, there is exactly the same hieroglyphic inscription (see Figure 5.36 (DR) and (DL). These hieroglyphs include a bird and horns. Henry Brugsch, based on this inscription, which reads Hor-apis-seta, identified this figure as Jupiter25. N.A. Morozov had no objection to this identification26

In the works written by contemporary Egyptologists we can also see the same identification of Jupiter on the Denderah zodiacs27. That means that all the researchers accepted on the Denderah zodiacs the figures indicated by Brugsch as Jupiter. We also accept Brugsch's choice as a symbol of Jupiter. Let us add that modern Egyptologist S. Cauville translates the hieroglyphic inscription above Jupiter's head differently. In fact she suggested two variants: "Horus qui eclaire le pays" (in French) or "Horus qui devile le mystere" (in French), what simply means "Horus who enlightens the country" and "Horus who reveals the mystery", but still she confirmed these symbols as Jupiter. This identification of Jupiter was finally confirmed by the results of our computations, which led to complete and unique solutions for all the studied zodiacs.

We've already explained in the previous section that on Brugsch's zodiac the name of Jupiter in the Demotic Horoscope was inscribed together with the name of Saturn near Leo's head. This Demotic inscription was translated by H. Brugsch and we trust his accuracy. Brugsch was a prominent expert in the Demotic writing and an author of the well-known Demotic grammar28. We should add, that by following Brugsch's translation, we have arrived to a meaningful solution, which is well consistent with the solutions of the two other horoscopes on this zodiac. Based on our computations we can reconfirm the correctness of Brugsch's identification, otherwise it would be highly improbable that faulty data could result in coinciding solutions.

In the Horoscope without Walking Sticks, Jupiter is shown in a group of four "male" planets placed together (see Figure 5.30), and our computations indicated that it has to be the figure with baboon's head (see Figure 5.36 (BR)). In the Horoscope in Boats, Jupiter can be recognized by elimination process (see Chapter 8 for more details).

On the Athribis zodiacs, Jupiter is represented by a bird with snake-like tail and head. This detail can be clearly distinguished on the Lower Athribis zodiac (see Figure 5.35 (AN)), but on the Upper Athribis zodiac it is damaged (see Figures 3.13 and 5.36 (AN) and (AB)). This identification of Jupiter on the Athribis zodiacs agrees with Flinders Petrie's explanation that snaky birds must symbolize Jupiter. According to the ancient mythology, Jupiter was throwing, from the heaven at the Earth, the lightnings that were shaped like snakes.

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