5412 The Astronomical Meanj of the Egyptian Eye Symbol

Figure 5.52: A hieroglyphic inscription near the Virgo's head on the Color Thebes zodiac (OU).
Figure 5.53: Two representations of the Sun on the Round Denderah zodiac: the circle with an eye (in the main horoscope) and the circle with a female-Venus inside (in the partial horoscope)

On the Round Denderah zodiac, in the circle that represents the Sun, there is a symbol of an eye (see Figure 5.53). Let us point out that the identification of this circle with the Sun in the main horoscope was obtained as a result of our computations. In particular, we also considered the possibility that it could represent Moon, but such a variant was rejected because it didn't produce a complete solution.

We should explain that in the previous investigations the circle with an eye on the Round zodiac was interpreted in several different ways. For instance, N.A. Morozov identified it with the Sun,43 while T.N. Fomenko with Moon44. Let us notice that Egyptologists connect this symbol with the Sun as well as with Moon: "The sacred eye, or the

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