Now we move to the constellation of Sagittarius. The representations of Sagittarius on the Egyptian zodiacs and the Dürer's picture are shown on Figure 5.15.

On all the zodiacs Sagittarius is represented by a figure of centaur — an imaginary creature which is part horse and part man, aiming an arrow at Scorpio. Notice, that most of the centaurs shown on Figure 5.15 have wings and even the Dürer's centaur has also something floating above its back resembling wings.

As we already mentioned it in Chapter 4, during the last 2000 years the winter solstice takes place in Sagittarius, therefore the figure of Sagittarius on Egyptian zodiacs is usually accompanied by additional symbols. Practically all the centaurs on the Egyptian zodiacs have double-faced heads — one face of a human and another one of a lion. Particularly it is clearly visible on the zodiacs DL, EB and EV (see Figure 5.15). Let us point out that double face on Egyptian zodiacs is a feature associated with Mercury and lion's head with Venus, which are two planets always accompanying

Figure 5.19: Enlarged fragment of the Thebes zodiac from Figure 2.1. There are no constellations signs and the ecliptic is divided into 36 parts.

the Sun. Another attribute that can be recognized on most of the Egyptian zodiacs shown in Figure 5.15, which indicates that some "displaced" symbols are present here, is the boat under Sagittarius. On Athribis zodiacs there is also a star inside the boat, which could suggest that we are dealing here with "displaced" planets (remember that according to the ancient astronomy planets were considered as "moving stars"). There is also another detail pointing to the Sun. Namely, some of the centaurs wear a crown with a small circle on its top. All together, these symbols convey a message that the Sun, Mercury and Venus are shown in this separated from the main horoscope position, in order to indicate their presence at proximity of the winter solstice point.

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