510 The Places of Astronomical Observations Luxor

Cairo and

Visibility of planets close to the Sun may vary depending on the location, where the astronomical observations take place. Let us recall that on the Egyptian zodiacs the visibility of some planets are indicated and this information should be verified for the astronomical solutions. In certain cases the location of the observer is essential. We choose Cairo in Egypt as a standard location for the observer, but in certain particular cases, we also checked the visibility in Luxor. As Luxor is located about 500 km to the south from Cairo, it was possible that an observer in Luxor could still see some close to the Sun planets, while they weren't visible in Cairo. Since Denderah, Esna, the Valley of the Kings, are all located in proximity of Luxor (Thebes), it should be Figure 5.85: A fragment ofan old 18th century assumed that the original location of the observer Russian map showing the city of Ibrim at the could also be in this area location of Luxor.

Egyptologists consider Luxor to be located at the place of ancient Thebes. Nevertheless, on some old maps instead of Luxor there is another name indicated, namely Ibrim (see [3]). On Figure 5.85 we show a fragment of an 18th century Russian map, with the name Ibrim clearly written instead of Luxor. The name Ibrim resembles Abram or Abraham. Actually, the Arabic equivalent of the name Abraham is Ibrahim, so this city or another place nearby possibly was named after Abraham. Since the dates of all the Egyptian zodiacs turned out to be medieval, the existence of a city with such a biblical name near the Valley of the Kings is not surprising. In fact, there is some symbolic link connecting the Kings burial grounds with the biblical patriarch Abraham, which is the ancestral character of this place.

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