51 Symbols of Constellations on Egyptian Zodiacs

Egyptian Constellations
Figure 5.1: The star chart of the Northern hemisphere made by Diirer's (color added for better contrast). The zodiac constellations are placed around the ecliptic illustrated as a circle.
Star Map Northern Hemisphere
Figure 5.2: Gemini on the Long Denderah zodiac. (Taken from [10])

In general, the figures denoting constellations on ancient Egyptian zodiacs are very similar to their medieval European representations, so there is no problem with the recognition of their meaning. Nevertheless, some of the Egyptian symbols of constellations possess unique features which are not present in the medieval European manuscripts. These features, which were not recognized by previous researchers, are important for understanding the symbolic language of Egyptian zodiacs. More precisely, certain planetary symbols were sometimes integrated into a constellation symbol, which appeared as a complex "astronomical hieroglyph." We will discuss such "astronomical hieroglyphs" later in the section devoted to the partial horoscopes. This section is devoted mostly to the symbolism of the constellations and we will only briefly examine the planetary symbols present in the complex constellation figures.

Below, we analyze the Egyptian symbols of all the twelve zodiac constellations.

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