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The results of Morozov's computations were appalling. In the whole historical time interval, beginning with the deep antiquity till our present times, there were only two solutions for the Demotic horoscope:

November 17, 1682 AD - the first solution of the Demotic horoscope; November 18, 1861 AD - the second solution of the Demotic horoscope.

In respect of quality, these two solutions could be considered as equivalent (see section 3.4 for more details). In fact, besides these two, there was not even one less qualified solution found for this horoscope. N.A. Morozov accepted the first solution — the year 1682, and he assessed the second one as being too late. It would be really strange to admit that the date on the Demotic horoscope was just one year earlier than the date of publication of Brugsch's zodiac.

Figure 8.7: Fragment of Brugsch's zodiac containing the horoscope "Without Walking Sticks".

Let us recall (see section 3.4) that we were able to identify two other complete horoscopes on Brugsch's zodiac. These horoscopes were not just annotations, which could be added much later, but they were integral parts of the whole design of the zodiac. Neither H. Brugsch nor N.A. Morozov realized their existence on this zodiac. Each of them carries encoded inside certain date. It is an ideal situation for the purpose of astronomical dating — they are three complete horoscopes included on a single zodiac. Consequently, we expect that in the case of a successful dating, their three dates should refer to the same epoch.

We call these two new horoscopes the horoscope in Boats and the horoscope without Walking Sticks. We refer to section 3.4 for a more detailed presentation of this subject.

Now, we are passing to the dating of the horoscopes on the Brugsch's zodiac.

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