The Long Denderah Zodiac

Figure 5.63: Visible (marked in light-blue Color) and invisible (marked in brown Color) planets on the Long (upper picture) and Round (lower picture) Denderah zodiacs.

For the majority of the Egyptian zodiacs, the sign of visibility was a star placed above the planetary figure, similarly like it was done on the Denderah zodiacs. However, on certain zodiacs another method was used. For example on the Big Esna zodiac, instead of the visibility sign there was used the invisibility sign, which was a disk replacing the head (or sometimes on the head) of a planetary figure. This convention is logical and shows that the creators of this zodiac had a good understanding of this phenomena — a planet becomes invisible because the Sun "blazes" its face.

On Figure 5.64, we show a fragment of the Big Esna zodiac with the partial horoscope of autumn equinox. We indicated with colors only the planetary figures belonging to this partial horoscope. On this zodiac, the figures of the partial horoscopes do not hold walking sticks. The invisible planets (marked in brown) have a disk (marked in yellow) placed on the head or instead of it.

Let us recall that Mercury, which is a fast moving planet, was sometimes represented on the Egyptian zodiacs in two positions, one visible and another invisible. It is for example the case on the Long Denderah zodiac (see Figure 5.65).

For each investigated by us Egyptian zodiac, there exists an astronomical solution for which

• all the planetary locations are the same as in the main horoscope;

• the order of planets is exactly the same as in the main horoscope;

• all the partial horoscopes are satisfied;

• the visibility/invisibility conditions are also fulfilled.

Being able to find such "perfect" solutions for all the investigated zodiacs, we can confirm that Morozov's claim about the visibility/invisibility symbolism was indeed correct. It wouldn't be possible to find randomly such solutions for all the zodiacs without exceptions.

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